Sunday, April 30, 2006

Of Lemons and Employees

......and of course why you can never get a decent used car, [ Tim Harford, the undercover economist. ]

My Colleague doesn't think any of our colleagues who I think are lemons are lemons. I don't know what he thinks about me. I don't know what my boss thinks either. A little inside information would be so handy!!

The used car theory is very interesting, and very scarily true though.

There would be no price that a rational seller would offer that was low enough to make the sale. The deeper the discount, the more the buyer would be sure that the car was a terrible lemon.

More plausibly, only the market for cheap, shoddy used cars would survive. A person with a good car would hold onto it because he couldn't prove it was good and so wouldn't expect an attractive offer for it. And if the good cars aren't put up for sale, the lemons will be what is left.

How then have the used car market survived?

Well, the buyer might not be the happiest customer and the seller still thinks he could have got more on the car... But then used cars will always be cheaper than new car ;-) for the buyers and people will always want to upgrade to a better car (for the seller). And used car salesman will always lie.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Be careful of what you blog!!

I am not talking about the Indian Graduate student who landed himself in jail for posting remarks in an internet bulletin board that were deemed as threats to George Bush and Cheney, whatever it meant. Thank god he didn't have a Blog. Anyway, I am not talking about the first ammendment here. And you can write whatever you want on your blog...But here, I am talking about a more practical issue.

With personal Blogs usually being the first site to get indexed in Search engines, you never know if your recruiter is going through your blog as (s)he takes the interview. And (s)he won't give much damn about the first ammendment.

On a second thought, Google indexing is one heck of an intelligent system.
I have never used my full name anywhere in my blog.
I have only used my first name there.And my last name was seen used in about 3 blog rolls, and based on that Bingo, My blog is indexed 1st on any search sites when my last name is searched.
Time to run a Spell checker on the archives :-)

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Blog Reader Behaviour

Political blog readers read 5 blogs a day.....
And more interesting revelations...

Bloggers with adsense might find it usefull. The survey was done by Blogads, afterall...
[ Via ]

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blog Traffic for 100$

Via this link, I came across an Interesting ...thing today.

During my sales stint as a management trainee, I wanted to make a difference.
I wanted to be a Super Star Performer, and I did all kinds of things in my quest for a short cut.
I took little heed to our CEO who rightly said in one of his sermons, " The longest way to your destination is the Short cut", whoever he was quoting was very true.

I didn't know that then, and I searched the internet for that elixir, for that Sales Alchemist.
Wading through various, secrets of Advertising, secrets of sales, overcome the fear of Cold calling and I came across a site which sells an ebook on how to set up such ebooks, who promo sites I was going through. There must be some suckers who might have actually bought those e-books. I still read the newsletters, for they made interesting reads some times... All in bold and highlights and bright colored texts.

I found another promo site today.
The same modus operandi.
Those long single pagers with bolds and key words repeated maybe a hundred times.
The writer/publisher either bought one of the ebooks I mentioned above or she was too inspired by it.

For 109$s you will learn how to entice visitors to your website. You will be flooded with visitors if you implement whatever is written in the ebook, and if it fails, she will do it herself.

She even has a Blog, that attracts 500-1000 visitors a day... WOW....

Well, how about a 100000 visitors Madame.
I got more than 3000 referal hits with the mere mention of Gauhar Khan and Carol Gracias.
In her teaser site, she mentions memes and tags and backlinks, which most bloggers already knows.

Her blog is what she uses as an example, and she has some key words which gets her website on first search pages of google and other search engines.

What I noticed on her site is that she repeats the said key words several times, in Bold.
She has something the following tag cloud like thing ( not a tag cloud but the search words in what she calls the Grid) ( It is a part of the same)
Free traffic, free traffic tips, web traffic tips, free traffic increasing, traffic to blog, traffic for blog, free web traffic, free traffic to my site, free traffic to web site, free traffic resources, get free traffic on my website, website traffic blog, blog create free SEO traffic, blog cash, free internet traffic, get free traffic, get free traffic to my site, getting free traffic, get traffic to blog, get blog traffic, how to get free traffic, how to get web traffic, how to get internet traffic, how to get traffic to website, get free web traffic, course free traffic, increase traffic blog, increase traffic to blog, how do I get traffic to my blog

And the same word are repeated several times, which is perhaps the site gets a good page rank. And as she claims, these are within the limits of Google's permissible Traffic baiting tactics..

I just wanted to see if I also get to the first page on the said keywords she have used...This is only a test post. Checking whether this keywords actually works..Don't panic.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Teacher's rant

Lawyers bitching about 100 hour weeks, Waiters ranting about tip stingy Customers, Strippers talking about the NY Nightlife, and one Bouncer have made fame in the Blogosphere.

Then, this teacher decided that he also wants to rant, and rant he did:

He labeled his students 'criminals,' saying they stole from teachers, dealt drugs in the allways, had sex in the stairwells, flaunted their pregnant bellies and tossed books out windows, the Chicago Tribune reported.
He dismissed their parents as unemployed 'project' dwellers who subsist on food stamps and bad-mouth teachers because their no-show teens are flunking.

This blog have caused quite an outrage, so to speak.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back from Blogging Break

I had to take a small blogging break.
How I wish the cause was different.
How so very much I wish that the break was due to an unmanageable schedule.
That it was because I was sick.
How badly I wish!!!!

She was the first stranger who became related to us and joined our family.
I was maybe 4 years old, and was shy of strangers.
More so, of sweet strangers.
She was very sweet, and I never saw her angry, even once.

When my father called me up to say that my aunt was no more, I was stunned.
The first thing I remembered at that instant was the first time we met.
Me and my Aunt. My first Aunt.

It was the morning after her marriage to my Uncle. I was hiding behind my Mom, sneaking at peek at the new person in the family. She asked why I was feeling shy. And that she was my aunt. We became friends afterwards. I remember us playing Ludo and Snake and ladder during my summer vacations.

She shouldn’t have died.
I will miss you Dear Indocha ( Small Aunt in Manipuri).
And not to worry, I will take care of your children.

Dear Blogging Friends, I am back.
I had been to Manipur for her last rites.
The shradh is on the comming friday, but I didn't stay till then.
I attended and performed a more important rite that happens on the 5th day.
Got to do with recovering the ashes from the forehead ( asthi) from the Cremation ground and cleasing the same ( the container) and some puja.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google closing in on world domination

What naysayers don't understand is that the DNA of the Google brand is unlike anything ever seen in the modern market landscape. Google is actually the first company with a brand that is built entirely of stem cells: able to grow and develop into whatever form it sees fit. In the future, many a company will learn the hard way that Google's mission statement, "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," is the anthem behind Google becoming a jack-of-all-trades... and master of all. [Link ]

Google have also launched the Beta version of Google calender, which wasn't working when i last tried.....

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50 million for Muhammad Ali

50 million dollars for a name we had almost forgotten...

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The Market just got rational!!

Just a week back I recommended buying Nifty Put options for april, if only uou had listened !!!

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Who is buying who?

I have used Proclarity for BI, and when microsoft took it over sometime about 10 days ago, It was good news. (I was using MS Analysis services with the Proclarity.)

Then, eBay's Skype announced Tuesday plans to acquire start-up Sonorit Holding and its US subsidiary Camino Networks, which specializes in speech processing, coding, and transmission over the Internet. The technology is expected to be integrated into Skype's voice over IP calling services. [ Link]

I hope they don't change the volice modulation they currently have... makes female voices real husky... as i once wrote Huskype...

And most people in the IT have used Jboss, well Redhat is acquiring it...

Linux vendor Red Hat announced Monday it has entered into an agreement to acquire JBoss, maker of middleware, or software that connects disparate systems and applications to facilitate faster and cheaper development. Red Hat will pay $350 million in cash and stock for the company, with another $70 million payout based on performance. [Link ]

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Google's Top 15 search words last week,

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Another Dig at Google, this time for hosting Paedophilia

Google doesn't allow it's adsense users to make money off pornographic contents; paedophilia is a far cry. So when some people started a blog soft paedophilia site called called "Paiderastia" The Boy Love Revival, which promotes sexual relationships between men and adolescent boys, there obviously is a hue and cry in the blogosphere. I don't think it is the fault of Blogger or google. Blogger do have the Flag button, and they can't monitor or moderate all the sites. But I sure hope they block that site soon.

Here are more stories on the same..

Blogger Hosting "Boy Love" Site

Some are taking a harder stand thought not foregting to take a dic at ACLU :-) some bloggers will find it amusing though.

Perhaps many will agree with the ACLU’s philosophy that this is protected speech, but that doesn’t mean you have to support the sick and twisted stuff they are saying. Give blogger a wake up call! Flag the site! Email them, and let them know how you feel. If you have a blog there, consider moving it. Their service sucks anyway. Try out blogsome. It is a free wordpress site, or get your own host.

A more exclusive report on the same here, at the jawa report
Google Hosts Pedophile Websites
No, we're not talking about the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes, we're talking about the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Blogspot, as you may
already know, is a fully owned subsidiary of Google. This is the same company that warns people against seeing my Flush the Koran parody blog by giving a content warning, yet no warning for those entering a website advocating child molestation. Way to go Google!

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Reuters watch out! you've got competition

...from blogger. A blogger's syndication service is starting soon to provide content to newspapers..

Is that a newspaper article you are reading online? Or an excerpt from a blog with commentary to follow? It's getting difficult to tell these days -- and it may get more difficult starting this week.

Pluck is set to release a syndication service on Tuesday that delivers commentary from 600 bloggers. The company is targeting newspaper publishers looking for additional content to populate their online venues.
[ link ]

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Iraq and Bloggers...

A very nice article in 'Articulate' on Riverbend my favorite blogger and who also happens to be - the female Iraqi blogger who's been documenting daily life in Baghdad and has scored a nomination for the prestigious Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction along the way.

And Salam Pax speaks on
Bad experiences
Even in the immediate aftermath of the war, he says, hope and excitement was tinged with fear.

Iraqi identity

"I have a Sunni name from my father but my mother is a Shia and we are all Arabs.
"If I want to visit the Shia south I feel safer when using my mother's name. I am not very welcome in the Kurdish north because I'm Arab; in fact I need a permit just to go there.
"All these are labels and all I want to be is an Iraqi - but there doesn't seem to be such a thing any more."

Huge mistake

Stopping short of describing the rising number of Iraqi deaths at the hands of insurgents as a civil war, he says the coalition's stated aims of providing democracy and freedom stand on the brink of complete failure.

And much more

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Meerut fair fire

At least 51 people died and 100 were injured on Monday when a huge fire broke out at a crowded consumer electronics fair in Meerut and the death toll could rise further, reports here..

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Blogging For money

I am not referring to the adsense ads you put up on your blogs. Well, it is also about adsense.
Start a neat blog site, invite lots of good bloggers to provide constant feed and well, split the adsense they are doing it at .. good ain't it??

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Bird Flu claims first victim in india..

Santosh Hirekar, a poultry farmer from Shevaga, 3 Kms from Aurangabad committed suicide after he became a victim of the CULLING where birds or chicken had been culled en masse after the bird flu reportedly broke out In india. Read the rest in here.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Stone Age Dentists

Teeth from a Neolithic graveyard in Mehgarh in the country's Baluchistan province show clear signs of drilling.
Analysis of the teeth shows prehistoric dentists had a go at curing toothache with drills made from flint heads.

This news about how Dentists in Stone age Pakistan might have used drills is all over the internet and the newspaper. It wasn't much of a surprise, didn't we perform surgery 1000's of years before...

What was scary was, I just had a very stubborn tooth removed the day before this news...
Even with all the latest equipments, and an overdose of anaesthesia, it hurt like HELL. I couldn't scream louder either... the doctor was a very sweet lady... and I didn't want to scream.... It was like Oh! My God.. Well the wisdom tooth was embedded a little too deep to give her very little maneuvering space, so she literally had to wrestle with my other teeth and of course the gum and the corner of my lips... Oh! not to mention that the gum was properly cut out to give her some PLIER space... Fortunately, the pain during the maneuvering excercise was tooo unbearable, I didn't feel any pain when the tooth actually came out. My tooth, or where my tooth was, hurt like hell only the day after. And my goodness, I don't know how hard they stretched my lips...the corner is horribly painful.

But the ice creams were good. Been living on icecreams..

I pity those stone age men, who had to undergo similar drill (not a pun) if any.

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China Vs India

No, this is no arms race. Nor is this a race on outsourcing.
It is how fast one is adopting Linux than the other.
Linux Grows 27.1% in China, and Indian companies are embracing linux faster than ever.

Two of the supposedly very fast growing nations, they sure are giving Bill Gates a hard time.

It is high time some entrepreneur starts a company purely to give support services to Open source systems. major CIOs are reluctant to embrace Open source because they aren't too sure if they would get support 5 years down the line...

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Viral Battery

Scientists at the MIT might be on a breakthrough here.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have "trained" viruses in a lab to create a miniature battery.
By manipulating a few genes within the virus, researchers were able to get the organism to grow and then assemble itself into a functional electronic device. They hope to be able to build a battery that could be as small as a grain of rice.

A grain of rice. Now, it was hardly nano eh! But the brighter side is if they could also replicate as viruses, that, would be something.

I buy a grain of battery and it multiplies out into a petridish full of batteries overnight..

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Film on the courage and sacrifice of Manipuri Women

Manipur has always revered its womenfolk as the epitome of courage and sacrifice. A New Delhi-based filmmaker has now come up with a short film that looks at these stories from the perspective of an admiring “outsider”. [link]

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Thank you Sir, for providing more reservations for the Backward Classes.

I was almost threatened that people from the backward classes were breaking out of their chains and actually competing with the upper class. Thank god for some prudent Personality in the Government, that is not to be.
AH! We are segregating them further.
We will have more people to look down upon.
The backward class shall remain backward.

I am talking about the Centre’s decision that 49.5 percent of the total seats in IITs, IIMs and Central Universities will be reserved for the Backward Classes.

The govt. don't actually have to distribute the Star of David armbands, the quota would serve the purpose just fine. On a more serious note, it is like that metaphor where the wise man teaches the poor how to fish, where the OTHER man feeds him fish. Feeding fish would have given him votes, no? Teaching fish takes more than 4 years, and who knows who will be in power than.

Closer to heart, and my home, also, people from the north east, those of the mongoloid stock, who are referred to as Chinkees by the upper class, shall remain lower class, or lower Caste even though the "Chinkees" were never part of the Old Indian caste system. Suddenly all Chinkees are backward, Paharis(hillbillies?) they call us. When we do excel in Football and all forms of sports, people ask how do we play in the hills. The people from the north east are looked upon with disdain because so many of them have come to take away Difficult-to-get seats in prestigious colleges, and are not even doing justice by doing well. So it is only natural that, we will be considered backward. And it is only because of the reservations. They carry these arms bands that pronounce that we are backward classes. And we blame people that they treat us as outsiders. No, we are not treated as outsider but merely as some backward people. Even though many people of the mongoloid stock in other parts of the world have proven to be smarter than many other stock, if you allow me to generalize.

Had there been no reservations, people would actually have fought to get into the prestigious colleges, compete in equal terms and naturally would have done well in the class. And of course there wouldn’t have been below mediocre people in the otherwise

Let me give an example, a real example of how the quota system has affected the people of north east India. I shall quote more personal anecdotes, and fewer facts. Take it with a [inch of salt but I shall not exaggerate. This is more of a hypothesis, than a report or thesis.

The north east India has a very colorful demographic mix. Seven states, known as seven sisters, but within each states there are a several tribes and communities who have their own distinct identity. Other than the looks, which might look all the same to an untrained eye, (even though we, NEers can make out who might belong to which group by their looks), no two communities are alike. And all the communities in the north east are either ST, SC or an OBC, except for a few. Like the Meeteis of Manipur and the Assamese. Even some sections of the Meeteis and assamese have been GIVEN OBC status and they are happy about it.

Let me take the example of Meeteis to drive home the disadvantages of Quotas or reservations. Even though, meeteis form the majority of Manipuri populace, they are no different from any other so called STs or SCs. Same stock I’d say. Again, a generalization but, the Meeteis are considered more intelligent, better athletes and better in all FIELDS, despite the fact that there was no reason to be.

The reason of this is quite simple as friend pointed out. All the other communities have always got it easy. Easy admissions to colleges, easy jobs, and in fact we used to joke that if there was a football match between the Meeteis and any tribal groups, and if the game were to end in a Tie, the tribal group wins.

I am not glorifying Meeteis and our Capabilities here,( even though we get the most medals in most national Games ;-)) but the point is the whole North east would have created many more better individuals if we had no reservations. It is like the Japanese story of keeping a shark in the fish pool on fishing ships, so that all the fish remains active and tasty, not lethargic.

Whenever one of us bring up this argument, that reservations does more harm than good, people from the north east who are happy with the reservations will pick J M Lyngdoh, the erstwhile Election commissioner. FYI, JM Lyngdoh never got through the civil services though reservations. He competed amongst the open category and remains today, one of the youngest Indian to crack Civil services.

Yes, there are genuinely backward people, most economically. Why can’t we have scholarships for those. Rather than forcibly planting undeserving candidates onto the hallowed portals of IITs and IIMs, why not have a primary education system so that those “ so called backward” people’s children are well prepared when it is time to get admissions into IITs and IIMs. Why don’t we have primary school system, which is truly democratic. Reservations is nothing but a Band Aid solution to a problem. We have a been doing a lot of great things in the past few years, why can’t we re-haul the primary education system so that everybody can compete equally for those IITs and IIMs seats.
Dear Government, teach the poor to fish. Don’t snatch away fish from other fisherman and feed it to the poor.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Singapore gags Blogs???

The Singapore government has been condemned for gagging political discussion on the web in the run up to the country's parliamentary elections. [ Link ]

With the popualrity of blogs in Singapore, and the govt. that's ruling over it, it was expected though, the Ban. As the article reports, it is a way to ban democratic debate over the net. A high price for all the infrastruture, and clean roads, and efficiency.

Brokeback Mountain however cleared the censor boards...

By the way, if you have come for the Carol Gracias and Gauhar Khan wardrobe malfunction mms Clips or pictures, this is not the right place. Debonairblog would be a better place ;-) or better still the Authorities who have the video tapes for examination!!!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

NYT's new Home page

There have been talks and talks of the NYTimes new Homepage, and how it is heavily/markedly influenced by BLOGS.
Anil Dash reviews it very well, and observes how Bloggers could learn from it and also notices what they have apparently learnt from Blogs. I started noticing some other webpages, with marked signs of having influenced by blogs. Or maybe it is my eyes, and the bias, But Patni's website sure looks like a Blog, with a 3 column template. In fact, I am gonna copy that.

Glenn Instapundit Reynolds finds it less readable.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stock market frenzy...

Oh yes! The market's been going crazy.

PS: I am writing this post only because I had tagged my blog with stock market and some related blahs because I used to trade and even invest some time back when the market was not that crazy.

Oh yes! I exited long time back.. when the market started to cross 7000.
I really didn't had the guts, and I had made good money by then.

The same stock that I had exited with unimaginable returns even then, have now grown 2-3 times my exit price. Ashapura Minechem, SRF, Patel Engineering, Reliance capitals were some of my favorite stocks.
Which means I would have been much richer, had I not exited.
But I don't regret at all, and nobody gets rich by predicting the market.

and to those who are still in the market aren't ready to exit, I seriously recommend buying Index Put options [nifty put]. You won't regret it.

Oh! I suggested the same to a colleague, and even though he didn't know much about options, he felt he rather buy call when he understood the basic premise , and made cool money on call. So much for my advice. He called me up on the expiry date to ask what to do. LOL.

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Self parking cars

Yes I am talking about self parking cars.. Auto-pilot on cars won't be a distant dream anymore.

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More on Blooker

I wrote about Julie Powell of The Julie/Julia project ( current blog) and how she beat Belle De Jour though I was glad that it was a foodie blogger who won even if it was Belle de Jour who first attracted me to Blogging :-) ... That thought would be best summed up buy this headline..

Cooker Beats Hooker to win Blooker

For more on Blooker prize:

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Officials to examine video clips of Wardrobe Malfunction

TOI reports,
Outraged officials will examine video clips to see whether a halter slipping off a top model or another's skirt zip splitting at a fashion show were "deliberate" acts, a state minister said.

Last week, model Carol Gracias's skimpy halter slipped down to her waist showing her breasts to snapping photographers and rolling TV cameras during a fashion show in Mumbai.

This was followed by another sensational "wardrobe malfunction" when former Miss India Gauhar Khan's skirt zip split, revealing her bottom to the media and Mumbai's smart set. { Link }

Outraged officials will examine video clips of Carol Gracias' Boobs and Gauhar Khan's Bums? I just hope they are not distracted and can concentrate on the malfunctioned wardrobe.

Not to mention how our lovely models are adorned in those horrible ensemble in the name of fashion. They will need a lot more than malfunctions to sell the wardrobe.

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01:02:03 04/05/06

Are you gonna stay awake and wait until 1:2:3: 4/5/06 that is about 1 and a half hour away, but hey maybe I will tweak the timer on my editor...

The time stamp will read 01 02 (03) 04 05 06.

This happened exactly 100 years ago...
I never thought about it untill i saw it here.
Yeah I know you missed it.

But hey cheer up, We don't follow that time format in India do we??
I mean the MM/DD/YY format...

What is in a time, afterall...

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blogging not a fad afterall!!

.......even according to astrology..
In astrospeak, pluto transit through sagittarius.

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And, The First Blooker Prize goes to

..... Julie Powell of the The Julie/Julia project.

This prize is devoted to books born out of blogs, and Julie who tried to learn every recipe in a french cook book and chronicled her experience in her blog apparently got her a book deal, and beat even belle de jour, my favorite blogger, and the inspirition behind my first blog ;-) , to win this prestigious prize.

Julie Powell, a frustrated unpublished author approaching 30 in a dead end office job, came up with the idea of attempting to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's 1961 cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Her husband suggested
chronicling her efforts online, where her musings on life, love and cooking drew an ever-larger cult following. The blog led to a publishing deal, and the resulting tome - Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Kitchen Apartment - sold more than 100,000 copies.[ link ]

belle de jour might have inspired me to sign up for my first blogspot account, but I m glad a food blogger won the blooker prize.
for I also write a Food Blog, if you didn't know.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

No .xxx afterall

The much talked about plans for .xxx domain for porn sites has been shelved, again.

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This is why April fool is not yet out of fashioned

When I read that Microsoft Geek Scoble of scobliezer was leaving Microsoft for GOOGLE on slashdot, I almost bought the story untill I saw that the post was dated 1st April.

But if it were true, and I think Larry Page is wishing the same, It would have been fun. A hardcore Microsoft evangelist, joining Google and bashing Microsoft... that would have been fun...

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bollywood is blogging

Celebrating Blogging! Did somebody mentioned Clogging ?

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Teen blogger faces child pornography charge ....

..for posting photos of his friends having sex on his blog. [via Digg ]

Teenage Ryan Zylstra had posted pictures of his friends having sex during a party on his blog. Apparently both the friends were barely legal during the time of the act, the publishing of which, according to the legal definition of Child Porn. Now this publishing or spreading of private pictures or MMS or videos is quite deplorable.

That recent hindi movie on porn racket and secret filming of Honeymooners, Kalyug. It was a very sloppily made movie, lousy I would say if somebody asked how it was though it had a nice song. But the movie did gave out a very strong message. When that lady heroine (whose secretly filmed honeymoon video was posted on some sleaze porn site) jumped to her death, I imagined the plight of all such victims. Even the DPS girl, or any of the thousands of MMS clips floating around, what they must have felt when their video were being freely shared.

Well, it is the hidden voyeur streak that MANY, I said MANY people carry. I haven't met a person whose curiosity or intrigue wasn't stirred when such topic comes up.
No one thinks about the victim... *Shit*

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