Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Awright come to my original blog instead

I actually started this blog again as a tribute to my first blog which I started Long time back. But, I had started another at rediffblogs, because it was an Indian site I wanted to add another number to the page views and registered users for Rediff. Don't our websites deserve more. We have all the software engineers, but most sites are not Indian. It was my logic. maybe, or maybe rediffblogs was simpler, to me at least.

And then one fine day, i was on the sizzling blogs list on Rediffblogs. Me happy, and i parmanently shifted to rediffblogs. somewhere down the line rediffblogs wasn't so sexy afterall, but instead of moving the whole blog i thought I will copy whatever i wrote on rediffblogs to this, so the name anthonysmirror.

Well its it happening.. so well if you happen to stumble on this blog come to my Diary

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