Sunday, June 04, 2006

Russian Pirated Mp3 site and WTO

Russian MP3 music Download site, based in moscow is the new form of piracy. Here you have top pay to download music that are copyighted but someone else. It is like buying a pirated DVD or an MP3 CD, and with an user base that has pushed it's traffic upto the Alexa top 1000, it is doing good Business. Only, it is illegal and Russia Might be forced to close it down if Russia wants to Join WTO. Nytime writes "So great is the official level of concern about AllofMP3 that American trade negotiators darkly warned that the Web site could jeopardize Russia's long-sought entry into the World Trade Organization."

Operating through what music industry lobbyists say is a loophole in Russia's copyright law, AllofMP3 offers a vast catalogue of music that includes artists who have not permitted their work to be sold online — like the Beatles and Metallica — at a fraction the cost of services like Apple Computer's iTunes service.
Sold by the megabyte instead of by the song, an album of 10 songs or so on AllofMP3 can cost the equivalent of less than $1, compared with 99 cents per song on iTunes.
And unlike iTunes and other commercial services, songs purchased with AllofMP3's downloading software have no restrictions on copying.[source]

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