Friday, December 29, 2006

BBC's Best Tech Picks of 2006

BBC's panel of technology experts gives you thier best Tech Picks of 2006. The Panel includes Fraser MacDonald, Editor, Stuff magazine; Martin Lynch, Editor, GIZMODO; Katie Lee, Editor, Shiny Shiny; Gina Trapani, Editor, Lifehacker; and James Beechinor-Collins, Editor, T3 Magazine.

1. Fraser Macdonald : Sony Playstation 3 or PS3

2. Martin Lynch : High definition projector.
[Many people think that the only way to get high definition content into their living rooms is by forking out for a LCD or plasma HDTV. There is an alternative though and it comes in the form of a high-definition projector.]

3. Katie Lee : Nintendo Wii
[I think the PlayStation 3 will be the gadget of next year, but for 2006 it definitely has to be the Wii.]

4. Gina Trapani : Parallels, a computer that runs both Mac and Windows operating systems.

5. James Beechinor-Collins : Nintendo Wii


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