Thursday, September 29, 2005


Two months in my new Job and i still haven't got bored. Wow.'
Maybe because i am still at staying at the guest House
Hopefully, I should be shifting this weekend if i don't go on Pune trip.
Work front, so far so good.
And even better to see that there are quite a number of advertisements for my domain Expertise.
Cool, my domain in suddenly HOT..
If only I knew 2 months back, I could have negotiated like D Trump.. Alas!!!

My Mom talked to me the other day and she wants me to learn to SAVE some too.
She said, SONY has cut 10000 Jobs.
Told me, "Beta, You can't trust the private companies.
Only Yesterday Sony has told that they will cut 10000 Jobs.."
She seem to be watching a lot of business news, now that both his Sons won't do a Govt Job.
She even once told me that Govt Servants get pensions.Moms.....
She still wishes that at least one of his two sons should have had a secure JOB.

At the hindsight, she wasn't so wrong.Economy is doing right, everything is going fine, USA is outsourcing, Few economies are in reccession..But one never knows, most of the job that have been created in India has been fueled by the Outsourcing boom..And because of the boom, jobs in thousands have been created and because of those Jobs, Purchasing power have been Increased and thus fueling other Pockets of the economy.If one thing goes wrong, maybe there could be a reccession again. eh!!!Shiva Shiva..
Then Mom would say, "didn't I say????"Yes Mom you did.
I will see if I can save any money, or better still with all the MNC banks after my back for a personal Loan and Credits cards, maybe I will take a hell lot of Personal Loan if i smell a reccession.They can't do anything if i don't have a Job :-).. afterall in a reccession everybody is suppose to lose some..
Love you Maa...
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