Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bird Flu and my phone's been ringing ..

I got more than 5 calls today.
From home..

In fact father woke me up to tell me about the bird flu.
But I have been bird watching for a long time haven't I..

Last time there was a bomb blast in delhi, and the news casters said there was threat of the same in Mumbai too, i got these million calls. Am I alright?

There is something about the way news travel back home.
It is a state capital, but we don't live in Apartments yet.
We all have homes, well Houses. And everybody know each other in a maybe 3 km radius.
And beyond that everybody knows someone who know someone and thus everybody is somehow interconnected. Well it's a small world.

And the news grapevine is awesome.
Something happens in Bangalore and everybody talks about it.
You see, many families have someone or the other studying or working in Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore, Pune or Chandigarh and elsewhere.

So, newsmakers in bangalore makes more news back home than maybe Bangalore.
There was a report of a dead bird carrying the flu in manipur and it made no news even in manipur... ( i am not talking about the media not covering about manipur here).. You see, people back home are more worried about their children here than themselves back home..

As such, I got to talk to many people from home today. That I should avoid chicken and all.
I didn't mention that I had chicken only yesterday.

BTW, eating chicken is fine. The virus die at 70 degrees celsius and as long as you don't eat RAW chicken its not going to cause much of a problem. But wear a gas Mask if you going to the Butcher, lol. I told my vegetarian Mom that I could live on Bigger Meat than Chicken, she wants me to live on Ghaass Phoos..

Anyway, That was about bird flu.

A few days back, this massive colleague of mine who was my Kabaddi Partner suddenly told me that he was very girly.
Well, then, he said that he likes girls so he was very girly.
He likes all the girls.

Well, then we can't say that "I am manly" anymore....
Watched 40 year old virgin.
It was very funny.... long post on that later....

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Blogger Rita said...

Lol! "he said that he likes girls so he was very girly" :D
Hey, your folks back home are worried about you. That's is why you get those calls, pal!
Take care :)

19/2/06 11:10 PM  
Blogger Hul said...

virus die at 70C...that was info i needed.!

mom's always suggest ghaas phoos for another reason - weight watch.

simple and cool post.

20/2/06 9:03 AM  
Blogger Abhinav said...

Nice post...i got call frm home too....hope this phase passes soon and i get back to my chicken diet again :)

20/2/06 4:14 PM  
Blogger nari said...

This happens with almost everyone who is stayaing way from home.Even i got the call from home.

And nice post buddy !!!

20/2/06 5:05 PM  
Blogger visithra said...

Its always like that - didnt u call manipur when u heard about the breakout there? ;)

20/2/06 6:04 PM  

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