Sunday, March 19, 2006

Navi Mumbai clash....

When I wrote about the rubber bullets in the last post, I didn't know the situation in which the policemen had to open fire. But it seem liked a small contingent of police were surrounded from both sides by the clashing groups.
One person died in the group clash, while two were killed in the police firing that took place after both groups cornered a small police contingent and targeted it with stones and other objects, police said. [more] but it is the police version, but again Mobs can be crazy...

But then there are people dead. Looks like the rioting had much more to do than meets the casual eye. It started out as Vilagers of Ghansoli vs Mathadis(porters), but the scope has changed to Agri vs new settlers. And a very nice political angle to it.. Agris were the old settlers of Navi mumbai who were compensated long time back for their agricultural land which was boughtout by the govt. for development. As usual, the money that recieve are long gone, they still live in villages, they no more have agriculatural land to till, while the erstwhile agriland have teeming with Buildings. The resentment have been festering for long. Afterall they only had a very short term direct benefit, long time back. So an incident sparked the riot.

And the usual political twist is all over the press to read like here, and here .

The riots was on till yesterday, no updates for today...

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