Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mr Murdoch Thinks Media Power is Moving to Bloggers

"Power is moving away from the old elite in our industry - the editors, the chief executives and, let's face it, the proprietors," said Mr Murdoch,

On the Net, "It is a creative, destructive technology that is still in its infancy, yet breaking and remaking everything in its path. We are all on a journey, not just the privileged few, and technology will take us to a destination that is defined by the limits of our creativity, our confidence and our courage." ..Words of Wisdom Mr Murdoch... [more]

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Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Murdoch is creating business. Bloggers like to think they are powerful. They are, but it is too fragmented to challenge the power of morning headlines. I mean, it takes weeks to gather any momentum whatsoever in the blogsphere!

psst... psst... Don't trust businessmen :D

Happy Holi, Anthony!

14/3/06 4:31 PM  

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