Thursday, March 09, 2006

Google has arrived, at Last!

I knew about click frauds all the time.
Comeon, it was so easy to figure out.
If google charges an advertiser, on a per click basis, I could click away on a text ad all day.
I even asked a great programming buddy, who have written some amazing codes, if he could write a click bot. Not with an intention to steal though but to see if it would be possible.

But some bummer could have written the same or even clicked away at text ads.
Apparently, many people have been doing the same, and google have been charging its advertiser all the same. Too bad, the courts think that google could have done better than that.
Comeon, people are talking about the google warchest, and all the new google kits in the playpen. They didn't do much to stop click frauds.

With XXL size come XXL size settlements. Ask microsoft.
Well, Google has joined the ranks of Goliaths paying lawsuit settlements.
Google will pay $90 million in order to settle a nationwide class action lawsuit over accusations that it was overcharging advertising customers by billing them for false clicks.

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Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Google does protect itself against click fraud to prevent ads being placed on top unnecessarily. Very interesting it does not use that while charging though.

11/3/06 2:47 AM  

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