Friday, March 03, 2006

Millionth mark


Wikipedia has recorded its millionth registered user for its English-language website and anticipates a milestone double-whammy this week as the millionth article is published.

BTW, at last count, few months back Skype had 54 million registered users , had hit 100 millionth downloads about a year back.

Huskype: And hey, I just found out why Skype has the popularity, and of course the 4 billion dollars. PC to PC, PC to phone and all else remaining constant, there is another very special thing about Skype that few clones will be able to copy.

It sexifies (sic) the voice so much you want to keep talking and talking :-D

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Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Really hope Wikipedia survives. It has become a fantastic resource.

Not sure if Skype will survive the deep pockets and the infrastructure of telecom companies. 54 million registered users is only 1 percent of China's mobile phone users. Not to mention there are countless more. Also, 54 million registered users include users like me who didn't use it. I think Skype is up for a huge battle. Won't be surprised if it is bought by someone in the next two years.

3/3/06 5:25 PM  
Anonymous tony said...

You mean if ebay will survive?

Many people felt that 4 billion( well even the 2.6 billion) was a bit too much to pay for such and offering. Ebay wants its community members to chat up before closing a deal...

3/3/06 5:49 PM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Oh! I didn't read eBay is buying out Skype. Thought someone will. Oh yes! Of course I read that now that you say people said it was too much.

Yeah, even I think it was too much for eBay. Maybe the price was right for Skype considering it has a brand value too. But eBay could have implemented the same feature by buying out a smaller VoIP company or even implement its own without talking in billions.

I don't think an internet company has the resources, either in terms of money or expertise, to compete once the telecom companies jump in. And, they are. But works out well for Skype.

3/3/06 9:27 PM  

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