Tuesday, February 28, 2006

To be in love with a Militant

.....can be injurious as a lady teacher in Manipur learnt, the hard way.

She was allegedly tortured by the police because it was learnt that she had an affair with a Militant who was invovled in an ambush that caused the death of four police personnel.
It was sad that people had to die, and no cause is worth a human life as I keep saying. But what did the poor girl had to do with the ambush. And why torture? [via1, via2]

Next thing, Family members will be targeted, and then maybe old friends.
For god's sake, every militant is also a Human who do have relationships.
Does it mean that everybody the militant is related is conspiring againts the government?

In another incident
Md Abdul Hakim, it may be mentioned, was shot by police personnel at around
11:30 am yesterday near Pratap Talkies in the busy Paona Bazar area after he apparently failed to heed orders to stop for checking.[ more ]

Fodder for strikes and public disturbance. But then, these are common occurences. He should have stopped when asked for checking.
BTW it is not like the traffic checking that happens in other parst of the country. The checking, that is mentioned here is the kind of checking that happens in the airports, frisking is the word. And since we live in a Disturbed area , we have to go through the same. If I were deaf and could not hear a police commando asking me to stop, then it is sad. How would the commandoes know that I were deaf and not a militant who is not heeding their command? It is sad though that I might get shot for the same as Md Hakim learnt too late. No I am not saying he was deaf but it could have happen to a deaf guy right? God bless his soul.

The police are saying that some documents and a pistol were found on him.
I won't say it were planted, but he never did drew the pistol and started shooting.
They could have been more creative than that. The encounter specialists would have shot one of the constables in the arm. Oh! but I forgot, it happened in broad daylight, so it wasn't possible.

And I thought I was going to stop writing these things... and concentrate on my writing skills...

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Anonymous hathirpithi said...

You should not stop writing about news items like these because it is shocking, because it needs to known, because mainstream media will not carry such stories, because it is important that more people know about it.

1/3/06 9:46 AM  
Blogger Casablanca said...

I agree, you should not stop writing about these instances. You are doing your part in spreading awareness... which is the only way society can take some steps towards such oppression.

1/3/06 11:33 AM  
Anonymous Hiren said...

It is very sad that all this has to continue happening in this century in 21st century India

1/3/06 6:06 PM  
Anonymous tony said...

@ Hathitrpithi,: I just feel so helpless that nothing can be done about it... Every eoffort seem to be in vain.. Sigh!

@ Casablanca: This seem to be all I can do... perhaps someday..

@ Hiren: Some parts of the country are running a few decades too slow.

1/3/06 10:17 PM  
Blogger lazysusan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5/3/06 10:42 PM  
Blogger lazysusan said...

Wrong analogy. Will a deaf person be issued a license to drive? He/she shouldnt be anyways !!

WHy does your heart bleed for militants & their families and not their victims and their families ? Let the government do its job. Help it. Not work against it.

Moreover in 'distured areas' people should take extra efforts & help the police/army to help them (the people). So no question of drving on as if you are deaf !!

5/3/06 10:43 PM  
Anonymous tony said...

My heart don't bleed for the militant, but for the families. just because he is a militant, do you ostracise his fmaly and anybody he knows. This girl was allegedly molested for knowing the militant.

And just because I sympathise with the Lover, how does it imply that I sympathise with the militant. Id a deaf man drives, is it the fault of the car? talking about analogy

6/3/06 10:05 AM  
Blogger lazysusan said...

Haha...you didnt get it !! A deaf person (like a blind person) IS NOT & SHOULD NOT be given a driving license because he/she is going to be a driving hazard, for himself & others, simply because he cannot hear. SO where is the question of a deaf person driving a car ? Hence wrong analogy.

If at all a deaf person decides to drive (with or without a license) the ONUS IS ON HIM/HER to be careful & let others know of his/her handicap.

If you say you sympathise with the victims (& not the militants)...please write about them & give publicity to the injustice done to them, their loss & grief.

6/3/06 11:58 PM  

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