Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bad Education

[ Caution: Adult content, but it is a small film review too]

I am just a normal human being, who thought that any other sexuality than hetero is abnormal. At least I grew up thinking so.
[ I also read somewhere that the only abnormal sexual behavior is not having any]

And I don't know if it is abnormal but porn movies don’t quite disgust me. However I do find certain kinds of sexual behavior quite unpleasant to watch. Like, two naked male crawling on each other’s skin isn’t quite amusing to me.

Then I grew up further, and begin to realize that it was a matter of individual choice and as long as the partners consent, it was fine. There is nothing abnormal to it. And I still enjoy erotic scenes in a Movie.

Then I watched, Pedro Almodovar’s Bad education ( La Mala educacion or las Visitas), which had child sexual abuse in a religious school and same sex sex ( 0f males). The former, I can never accept, the later I thought I would not watch. But the movie was so well made, I watched it all through and didn’t notice if I found anything repulsive. The sex scenes were interwoven so skillfully with the storyline, I didn’t even notice it. Every scene had a story to tell.It was two movies in a script, with actors playing the actors, and characters outperforming the other. Only the two movies are about the same. As if a mirror is looking into a mirror, with an end that kept me gasping. It is one of those rare movies that make you want to make movies. It is the story of two boarding school boys in love and it depicts child sexual abuse by a teacher, who was in love with one of the two boys, and the repercussions of the same that will form the crux of the story. The depictions of the same were done without any overt dramatization, but in the way that it must really happen to real people.

The relationship between the teacher and the boy will lead to a chain of events that keeps unfolding like a box that opens to reveal another box and so on.

Gael García Bernal is such an amazing actor, and how he slipped in and out of two characters and three names. Oh! There are enough surprises, from unexpected corners to keep you glued to the seat. It is about betrayal, of unusual love, of revelations that will make you cringe. Watch out for, when Enrique Goded( played by Fele Martínez ) told Gael ( Angel) when confronted, that he kept pretending because he wanted to see how far Angel would go and how much he could take.

The ending again was awesome, when he opened that unfinished letter.

PS: The plot has not been revealed here.

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Blogger The Comic Project said...

Have you seen Y' Tu Mama Tambien? While the theme is not the same, it is a interesting movie

6/3/06 6:05 PM  

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