Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How to get Songs off your iPod using iTunes

When my Kid bro gifted me the iPod, he had fed about 15 gig of music and some nice music videos from the his laptop, and the itunes on my iPod was configured with his Laptop. Now because of that I haven't been able to do an auto update from my Laptop, because it is not configured to my Laptop. I have do manual update by drag and drop.

If I had to configure the iPod to my laptop, all the music and videos that Bro gave me will also go. And since I cannot back-up the music from the iPod to my harddisk, Copyright protection, said the Customer Care Agent from Apple, I cannot configure it to my laptop without losing all the songs.

That is, until I saw this article which gave a step by step instruction on how to download music from the iPod to your Harddisk.

Step 4 should suffice if you are even remotely computer savvy.

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