Thursday, July 20, 2006

VC Funding and Social networking and job sites

Social networking site are getting extremely crowded, and with some doomsayers warning about a an impending loom in the web 2.0 universe, even though I think, in the web 2.0 where small is big, there is room for every body. I guess venture capital firms think so too. Multiply, another social networking site like orkut, friendster, and facebook just recieved a venture funding of more than 6 Millions. Multiply recieved such funding on the strength of its number of members, surprisingly though Multiply doesn't promote you to add any random number of friends unlike other networking sites like orkut, and it builds a genuine network of real friend.

On the web 2.0 Jobsites front, Jobster, a social networking site that connects future co-workers gets 18 million dollars of funding. These web 2.0 job sites are also getting hot in the VC market, after simplyhired's 3 million VC funding , Indeed has also raised 5 millions from The New York Times Company, Union Square Ventures and Allen & Company, LLC.

After Jobster's recent acquisition of a start-up Jobbie, Jobster has already filling up its webpage with Tag clouds...

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