Friday, August 18, 2006

Bomb Blasts Rocks ISKCON in Manipur

I spent my early years of schooling at ISKCON, that is International Society For Krsna CONsciousness for the Uninitiated, and have fond memories of the same. It was shock and then despair when I heard that some terrorist group had thrown a powerful bomb amidst a crowd at ISKCON that had come to watch the famous Raas Leela performed for the Janmasthami. Militants in Manipur had mostly avoided hurting civilians as collateral damage, except as exttortion related killings. This Bomb Blast was also extortion related, claims some, and has pointed finger at a certain terrorist group. But it was most shameful.

More news here, here, here and the timeline of the terror here.

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Blogger dwaipayan said...

u are a iskon student??interesting..and bombs,,,won't they ever get tred of this??

19/8/06 11:59 PM  

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