Thursday, August 10, 2006

Google-AOL Seacher exposed!

It was all over the web in general and the blogosphere in particular when AOL leaked Google's search data ( AOL uses google for searches, and with the number of users, the sample size can be a very good representation of Google searchers). Even I downloaded the database, and am planning to create a cube to do some nice analytics. Some people had already done very good analytics on the same, and had come up with very good user patterns which can be goldmine to web marketers and some incriminating yet intersting results. But the most horryifying result was when it was found that an user was actually planning to kill his Wife.

Add that up to the latest info here, where a seacher by the number 441749 has been traced.
This is the very Data that google has been trying hard to protect.

Some people might argue about personal freedom and all that, but this is amazing, in a way if you look at it. Minority report is not far behind. With some great analytics and datamining tools available already, this data could really find out search patterns and map them to probable terrorists and Killers.

Hmm!! I need to be very very careful next time I search for some Kinky stuff. Or can i use a proxy??

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