Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kate Winsall for Joseph Dobbie!

We all have, at one point of time, written such a soulful letter. I even coaxed a poetic friend to compose a letter, meant for my 2nd or 3rd flame, when I was 13-14. I am sure she shared the letter with her closest friends. I never got a reply, though, I did, again coax another friend, to ask for her reply.
Love letter as we use to call it. There even were self help books on how to write love letters.

Then, the email came, leave aside love letters; we have even stopped writing courteous letters. We write mails these days.
And if you write a pathetic love letter, then there is the danger of having I circulated all over the world.
The harmless gossip that girls those days did with her sister and friends can now spread like wild fire. What, with chain mails and blogs and RSS.
This is what happened to the fate of Joseph Dobbie after his fateful email to Kate Winsall.

But it was a very sincere mail that Dobbie wrote, and he actually doesn’t deserve such sneer from the readers.
Rather we should sympathise with Dobbie.
For keeping alive, love letters, in this age of email lingo, he deserves a place no lower than Romeo.

This is my sincere plea to Kate, at least have that coffee at Tate Modern’s.
He could turn out to be far more romantic than he seemed in his Email.
Like he said, to the Metro, 'The e-mail is like me: I don't feel any pressure to conform. I am a a philosopher and a poet,'

Of course he now feels that he stands no chance after the email.
'I stood a chance with Kate until the e-mail went round the world. Now there's no way she's going to say yes.'

Now why not?
In fact I feel Kate should say Yes.
After, all you have through.
And Dobbie, it is no time for a tactful retreat, if you think so.
I'd say be a Man and go further on!

And I ask everyone, who, instead of laughing at the email, sympathise with Dobbie, to Plea with Kate.
Somebody chained mailed me that Today was World Girl Friend's day!
Now that was some coincidence!
All the best Dobbie!

Here is the Mail from Dobbie.

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