Sunday, July 30, 2006

I will watch OMKARA Again!

OMKARA was an amazing treat. I caught the first day, not the first show though!
Having seen quite a number of mediocre movies of late, (my mediocre is lousy by any critics' standards, I just keep my thinking hat when I got to the heare that's all), I half expected it to be just another time pass Central India stereotype Movie.

They did a good job when they shove Saif Ali, with his foul mouth on all counts, in the first scene. The "Pichhwaare mein Guda nahin" dialogue struck the interest cord in me, and I enjoyed the movie right from thereon.

He is such a fine actor, what the hell was he doing in his early years, so many years wasted... Ajay Devgan, looked his part to the nail. Tough act, soft act, every act, his mixed emotions of love and jealousy, of hate, of not wanting to believe.

Bipasha was a treat, despite some opinions otherwise. Only she should stop flexing her facial muscles to get that dimple, however much you flex, John will have a deeper cleft. But she was hot, but then I find most women hot :-) .

Now who got Kareena there. I mean just because she is a Kapoor?? Does the Kapoor khandaan still have clout in Bolywood. I am slightly biased here because, I somehow don't like Kareena. I don't know why, ever since she pouted that I am Poooo, in some movie. She has many things missing. Perhaps, it is because she thinks she is too pretty, which she is not. I would have preferred someone else for Dolly's role, but then I just remembered, Bollywood is seriously sort of fillim stars. All the guys are in their 40's, there are few actresses. How many movies can Rani Mukherjee and Priety Zinta do?

Now surprisingly, Viviek Oberoi could hold his stead. He acted like his namesake, but he hasn't done many movies and I won't say he is the most promising actor, but again... I don't know who will be the next wave of actors. I guess, bollywood will be going through a Glut like the early 80's of the discos and yellow shirts and all that. At, least after the liberalisation, the dress sense have improved imensely. Thanks to Manmohanjee, other wise, even at the start of the 90's when movies started to be interesting, remember Amir Khan's Navy cap, Salman Khans buttoned to the neck Black shirt and all that.... But they are catching up for all those mis-dressings in their burahpe...

Oh, I meant to say, OMKARA was good.
Will be one of the last good movies before every Khans get old.
Catch it when you can, it wil be a long time before we see good movies again.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna is there, but, even though the theme might be different, the promos are too much similar to some past movies. Anyway I will catch it firstday!!

Oh! Did I mention Konkona Sen Sharma?
Holy cow! She is a surprise, and never fails to surprise me each time!!
To be frank, she is not at all pretty, in a conventional sense. I mean, I wouldn't fall in love with her at first sight. But she is one women who gives me the hots, everytime she speaks. Man, she is such a fine actress, and she does the central UP accent so naturally. Would like to see more of her...

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Blogger Pallavi said...

I must check this out ...

31/7/06 6:11 PM  
Blogger Hul said...

that review did make me curious...!

2/8/06 3:00 AM  
Blogger Hul said...

since you said...i took a couple of my friends to the movie...even a few firangi were there in the was such a treat..after a long gap i ve seen such a good movie in

2/8/06 9:57 AM  
Anonymous Omi said...

I just saw Omkara.. its a treat for a good movie buff. Very good adaptation, not doubts about that. Saif and Konkana show their true potential.

7/8/06 11:34 AM  
Blogger indianadoc said...

ws reluctant to watch cos i smhw cnt stand the mediocre saif...i often find that he fails as an u say tht he hs done his bit here and so i'm quite tempted to watch it...well the story is tried n tested..who cn beat shakespeare!!A malayalam version of the story had won several nationl awards too...So hopefully omkara is worth a try?
kabhi usual is too plastic a movie...but no prejudice ...u can still watch it if u r interested in designer sarees and suits!!

12/8/06 6:28 PM  

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