Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello People! Happy Blog Day!

Hello All, A very Happy Blog Day to you all. One day too late? Well, old habits die hard!!

On This day you have link to 5 blogs from cultures different than yours.
Being from a small Unique Culture, I guess I have a culture different from most.

1. Abaniko from Philippines writes a Blog called The Shadow of Abaniko.

2. This Blog is from Our Neighbour, PakistanCloud Khizzy, a personal Blogger but such fun to Read... She has quite an engaging way of writing that you will love.

3. NaughtyCurry is a group of Fun Food Bloggers Rebelling against Blandness!

4. Want to have good laugh, Read the archives of this Blog.

5. The last one is Cruel Virgin. The title says it all!

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