Saturday, April 07, 2007

Flash Advertisements or Quick Commercial Breaks!

One more quick Post.
I used to write regularly, then I got busy with work, and saw that it was difficult to write more often on my blog. Then I got busier and busier. Past few weeks, I have been even more busier, then something happened. Like they say that an Idle Mind is a Devil's workshop, an active mind is a Blogger's workshop. The more I get busier, the more ideas I get for blogging, and then I just couldn't stop myself... Expect an avalanche of post as I get busier....

I am not one who spends a lot of time watching TV. Maybe it is the time, maybe because I don't stay home much. Either I am at work or am en route to and from work, so the few times I watch TV, I watch more commercials than Content. It irritates me when they just stop during a suspense build up to break for a commercial. Obviously, I surf during that time, and get to see more commercials, talk about cartels.

Poor advertisers fails to grab the attention of their audience. Failure of Advertising, is it? Soon, they will realise how false the DATA provided by the Cable TV companies are, on the exposure of the said advertisement to such and such demographics.

It irritates anyway that we get commercial breaks, unless the commercial is downright funny, but that too won't be funny after the third day.

Why is it then, that nobody has thought of Guerilla Commercial breaks.
Flash Advertisements.

Stop abruptly, show only one commercial, make it short so that it is not worthwhile for the viewer to change the channel or mute it. There might be less commercial time slot, so as not to IRRITATE the audience too much, but advertiser will surely be willing to pay a premium for a commercial which will not be Muted or skipped.

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