Monday, October 03, 2005

Back to work

Watched a lot of movies of late.. I bought some VCDs and a coupla DVDs.. Suddenly decided to watch all the movies i remembered was worth a watch and a laugh..Golmaal, Kabhi Kabhie, Rajnigandha, Chitchor, Zorba the Greek, Ankur.. Will write about them later. Got me some work... I was going to write a long blog when i remembered i also work for a living, unfortunately. And i got some interesting work now.. Will keep me busy for a few days..
And... the weekly Astro forecast yesterday said that ganesha will give me both money and honey..
Well Well, i just checked my portfolio.. it has indeed inched up by a few percentage points since Friday. Well 2% to be precise.. But I have a whole week to go.
Also says that there will be honey. Which one could be that? Lord Ganesha, let it be the one I have in mind..Not that I would mind a surprise ..


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Saw a HP laptop, 12 incher.. 1.7 Ghz, 60 GB drive with Lan blue tooth et al for 67K. dvd comdo attached.. 1.5 kgs
Broke my heart to think that I bought my Portege 1 Ghz, 40 GB, lan but no blue tooth with separate dvd-combo for 1.15 L, just because it weigh 900Gms. I paid 55K more for 600 Gms less.. I suddeny realise that if i have carry the two Chargers( separate for laptop and DVD), and the dvd drive as well, it would weigh more than the HP.. I suddenly want an exchange.. Any takers?? 1.15 Lacs laptop for a 67K laptop. :-)

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