Friday, February 10, 2006

Lunch break links...

There is an air of festivity in the office with the upcoming annual event for which we shall all be leaving, in a short while, for a resort for 2 days.. I won't be accessing the net till Monday.. So till then these are some intersting Links i have given below....

Something very interesting....Where Do Muslim Protesters Get Their Danish Flags? There seem to be an endless number. I hope the Chinese are not exporting cheap Flags (purely for commercial purpose of ourse)..

I am not at left from any angle but Imperialism is something that hurts me, so my antennae went up when he said this...... But I can't quite agree that when Evo Morales said "You have to realise that, for us, the coca leaf is not cocaine and as such growing coca is not narco-trafficking," because he knows that they are growing for all the nice thing and then some more.. much more.
You can't save one life by killing another, because drugs do kill whethere it is taken voluntarily or not. By the same logic, I don't agree with Lord Birt who wants to prescribe more free heroin.

Bird flu in Africa, good that it don't seem very contagious since there have been only very isolated sightings, even one in manipur..

The real basis for warrantless spying on Americans: Pure, unbridled executive power, but of course Money can't currupt a Man as can power.. Everybody wants to be a Hitler at some point of time.

George C. Deutsch, the young NASA press aide who resigned on Tuesday amid claims that he had tried to keep the agency's top climate scientist from speaking publicly about global warming, says "I have never been told to censor science, to squelch anything or to insert religion into any issue," I first blogged about this here, bush tries to silence global war(m)ning.

Oh! BTW, EFF Warns Not to Use Google Desktop

Lotus Notes is used by millions of people, but almost all of them seem to hate it. How can a program be so bad, yet thrive?
Answer: Ask Microsoft.

And then proceed to read the story of these young Tech Billionaires...

And here is a very usefull website, where you can track sex offenders in your locality..[ we must have a .in for India too], it is aptly named as family watch-dog.

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Blogger visithra said...

have fun and a safe trip ;)

10/2/06 2:49 PM  
Blogger said...

hmmm...will explore this weekend, which will be spent at home . Have fun!

10/2/06 11:13 PM  
Blogger MellowDrama said...

have fun...btw your blog is damned informative will definitely vist again

11/2/06 11:54 PM  
Anonymous Inquisitor said...

"I am not at left from any angle but Imperialism is something that hurts me."

Neither is imperialism 'left from any angle' other than that which seeks to keep much to itself that which it deprives others off.

By the way, thought you'd like to know that there isn't a 'year of the sheep' in the Chinese zodiac. It's 'goat' actually. Or was that a subtle jibe implying that the only animal in the chinese zodiac would, analogously, be the sheep, as it typifies the mass of the chinese population being 'led to the slaughter' year after year by the Sino-Imperium?

related link :

12/2/06 11:24 AM  
Blogger The Comic Project said...

Yo Man!! Happy birthday..4 days late

13/2/06 9:55 AM  

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