Thursday, February 09, 2006

I could work at HT

Hindustan times can get me a job; of the few articles that I linked yesterday, one made it to the front page today ( cutting fat does not cut heart and cancer risk, check out the front page of Mumbai edition) and another that I linked about apple cutting Ipod prices. Maybe we have the same RSS feeds lol.

On a completely unrelated feed, Uk crime Drops after Pubs stay open 24X7, but of course. Only when the drunk comes out in the street do they commit crimes, as long as they slosh out inside the pub... Mumbai Police Commisioner says he will only comment after seeing the statistics, but then Indian criminals don't drink in pubs anyway, I guess... Open the dance bars instead... And thank you everybody, for wishing me on my nth 18th birthday... Scroll down to read the post two posts back, it is beautiful, so said some....

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