Friday, February 03, 2006

Size does matter!

Bumps ahead!
Warning! Might be offensive to ladies, and may not continue ;-). Post was targeted at Guys...

........And what did I learn? First, that Freud was wrong: it is not women who suffer from penis envy, but men. Even on a parochial, day-to-day basis, it is men who stand in public urinals sneaking a peep at their neighbour's johnson to see how they measure up in the pecker order.[ Read rest of the article here ]
Strikingly true, whatsay?
I still remember those growing up years when I had developed this extremely depressing Inferiority complex after seeing those movies with super human anatomy. It was such a relief when at times the pecker at neighbour's Johnsons were MUCH lesser endowed...
Damn those porn movies, though. You watch to have some cheap fun and end up with despair.
Severe inferiority complex, a mix of fear and shame how we would ever do it.
Damn the movies, they should be banned.

Peeking reminds me of the movie where Jim carrey or someone kept looking for his lost ring or something in the John. Can't remember the movie though.

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Blogger The Comic Project said...

I always laugh at the sex columns which say "dude..its alright if you are 4 inches. In theory, you only need 2 and a half". My response to the sexologists "No matter what is sufficient in the physical sense, 2 inches less than average could potentially be psychologically devastating to the receiving party, thereby ruining the theoretical effect"

Dunno about peeking over the partition, but this size thing is a myth propogated by the majority (average) against the minority (more than average) with a consolation prize for the less than average. Sorry tony, absolute nonsense of a comment but had to get it out of my head :-)

3/2/06 10:25 AM  
Anonymous anthony said...

the comment was very well recieved pal. It wasn't a nonsense at all lol.

3/2/06 10:41 AM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

haha! Sagnik had the urinal post up!... though he didn't mention the peeping :D

3/2/06 10:43 AM  
Blogger Khizzy said...

ufff tobah!
sorry i cant stop laughing!

3/2/06 12:59 PM  
Blogger Kusum Rohra said...

sneaking a peep at their neighbour's johnson *laughing uncontrolably*

3/2/06 2:00 PM  

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