Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oh My Crowd!!

It is indeed crowded at the bottom of the pyramid. I have always wondered how the mind of Mr Biyani works. Biz Big Bazaar is a complete chaos, and I never considered it to be organised retailing. There is nothing organised about Big Bazaar, look at the Aisle, look at the sales persons, and just take a look at the substandard items, it screams out ---UNORGANISED. Big bazaar is a bazaar, a mandi, only under a decent roof. Or so I thought. I didn't realise that he was not selling to us at all. There is a huge crowd out there that Mr Biyani is catering to. And I remember an interview that Biyani once gave a Business magazine. That his market is right there at Dharavi.

I believed him today. You also would if you saw the crowd outside the RMall at Mulund that houses a Big bazaar which is currently having a SALE. Like my mom observed when she visited me recently. "It is a Mela, only it runs everyday". Imagine a mela within a mela. A supermarket that gives discount in virtually everything, having a Sale. You actually have to take a coupon to enter the store. The Pictures below are of the Queue, which have been there whole day. Queue of people waiting for the coupons so that they may enter and buy something, anything.

But of course, there were all kinds of people. Not just from the bottom of the pyramid, there were quite a number of affluent looking people as well. Afterall who don't love a bargain. Only better for Biyani..

BTW, what is the definition of a Queue. I know what a queue is but I am not sure of the exact definition, is a queue still a queue is it runs in two lines.. I am not talking about 2 parallel queues but the same one snaked parrallel from the middle. LOL.

The Queue starts at the main entrance of R-Mall, wait, it is where people from the queue enters the mall, but it starts from there, go all the way to other end, snake back and then come back to enter. Also there is a queue that is ready to join the queue. It is the Pre-Queue at the other side of the mall.
Look further ahead, beyond the car, it is the queue..
The queue is still not even snaked..
This is the other middle-end of the queue at the end of Rmall where the queue turns back for the journey towards the Mecca....

Walmart, will have company. And a market of course. A ready market.

Update: check out this post on the Mumbai Mirror 29th jan, Bloggers Park. If only they had a more functional Website, and a back link provided. [Link]

My other post featured earlier on 24th Jan: Bollywood Pakistan and Daya Nayak, [link]

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Blogger The Comic Project said...

yeah i saw that today morning :-) sahi hai bhidu. in Bombay for a few more days. Was wondering if it would be a good idea to say hello to each other. There's this mumbai bloggers meet at Bandra on 31st (bloody tuesday). Are you going there? A bit difficult for me actually but we can meet some place else. Kya bolta hai?

29/1/06 1:18 PM  
Blogger Sangeeta said...

wow! ur blog gt featured in mumbai mirror!

29/1/06 6:11 PM  
Blogger anks said...

I read the mirror yesterday.... cool... didn't know that you'd been featured earlier as well!

30/1/06 10:41 AM  

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