Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas Victory and two hands to clap.

The Hamas victory has stunned the Israelis, NYT reports.

Ehud Olmert, the acting prime minister, made it clear after an emergency cabinet meeting that talks with Hamas, a Palestinian party sworn to Israel's destruction, were out of the question, while experts said Israel was now freer to establish its future on its own.[more]

I shouldn't give my opinions here, but I can't help commenting it takes two hand to clap. Now, Likud should come into power in Israel to complete the clap, which I guess will be the case now[more]. God help the world.

Death will never solve a problem, and like I keep saying no cause is worth a Human Life. But then, have I ever put myself into the Pelestinian's or the Israeli's shoes?
Or didn't I say that the Gods have stopped manufacturing land? It all comes down to land. Give it a thought.

You may say I am a dreamer,
But I am not the only one.


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Blogger The Comic Project said...

yeah is all about land. Because if it wasn't, these fools - and I am not talking Israel/Palestine, but every other conflict - would have found something else to fight for. The cause is no longer land or people, it is a fight which will continue till one of the parties swallows their "pride" and decides to get on with life. Sadly, they also think that this "land" is life :-(

Hey i have not given away the plot in the review

27/1/06 9:44 PM  
Anonymous anthony said...

Oh!! I thought it was a spoiler. LOL. and you are right that the cause is no longer land or human, it is more like you killed ours, i will kill yours, and only sad thing is noone is going to swallow their pride.

just tell me, who is going to swallow its pride . Bloody Politics. They will kill everyone. Love and free market is the best option that we have...

28/1/06 12:13 AM  

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