Thursday, January 26, 2006

Attempted murder of a 6 year old!!

Dhruta is just six years old.
Let us imagine that you are beating her up.
Slap her, thrash her and taking out all your anger on her.
Even as I type this, I get goosebumps, and if I saw someone beating up a kid; By God, God help him.

When I read in the news a few days back that A STEP MOM had beaten up her step-daughter, and that the 6 year old baby was inflicted with Injuries, I didn’t know how to react. I only silently cursed her, the only thing that I could do. Maybe, my curse came deep from my heart, and maybe God heard it, the paper to today writes, Dhruta’s Step-mom Booked for Attempted murder. And a prayer slipped my mouth. There is still justice, though I would like to give a good thrashing to that Spineless father. He must also be booked, for alleged cooperation in an attempted murder, mother*****, and his b**ls be roasted.

I hate child beaters, maybe more so because I also had corporal punishments as a child. I do believe in a little caning for a male child to toughen him up, yeah just to toughen him up so that he may be able to face the real world, (Now please I am not being sexist here, if you people want to toughen up girls also please do, but I won’t, call me whatever), but some people seem to find pleasure in beating Kids; and Wives. I call them cowards, I have called even close relatives cowards. And yes, when I say cowards these people are real cowards. Cowards die many a death before they Die, and for each death they had, they come back home and demonstrate that he can also beat. Tomatoes, I say.

When I hate wife-beaters, I hate child beaters even more. Now kids can be tough at times, and very adamant but let them be kids for god’s sake. But this step-mom beating up step-kids, and normal house wives beating up child-maids. I really don’t know how to react. Call it stereotype, but I have seen step-moms who have ill treated their step-kids. Of course there are step-moms who are really good, and not at all like the stereotyped Keikeyis. But psychologically, Step mothers find it difficult to share their husband with some one else, least of all the kid of the ex-wife. It is even more difficult when the second wife has her own child. She wants the father to be all for her child, and this things do happen.

But, when she is beating up her step-child black and blue, and in the case of Dhruta, they say, 14 different injuries were identified. I just wish that she rot in hell. { This must be the filthiest post I have ever written but, it was a filthy act as warranted such a filthy post}. My grandfather was a very nice man and he used to call child beaters lowlifes, and I took to him. Man! you should have heard him calling names to my uncle when he beat me up as a child. I was afraid, he would kill my uncle. May his soul rest in peace.

News about Dhruta [1],[2],[ 3],[4].

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Blogger The Comic Project said...

Am with you on this one mate. Kinda made my blood boil when I read what happened to Dhruta. Using the rod on a child for some obedience might be ok to some (I dont subscribe), but this was torture. I hope the kid manages to leave these scars behind like some nightmare.

26/1/06 12:15 PM  
Blogger visithra said...

Thank god for the neighbour

ure right - its a cowards who hits women n children mercilessly - such a disturbing news

26/1/06 12:58 PM  
Blogger Shivangi said...

I really don't see how beating a child helps...

26/1/06 3:13 PM  
Anonymous anthony said...

@ TCP: Sorry ladies, But there is a saying.. female of the species is deadlier than the male, such cruelty deserves severe punishments.

@ Visithra: thank god for the neighbours indeed, and I wonder why they didn't just thrash the parents.

@ Shivangi: refering to my comment about toughening up or the step-mom.. If you are referring to me, I am talking about a little toughening of kids which is necessary.. Not to make a sissy of a Kid.

About the step mom, i really don't know. I make no bones about suich things.. If it is a guy beating a kid or women, i always get physical, if it is a women, i don't know how I will react..seriously

26/1/06 8:52 PM  
Anonymous Alka said...

I tagged you. And thought that making smilies I will happily announce in your comment box that "Tony you have beeb tagged." But after reading your post,I am disgusted.I followed links you have given. What a beautiful and cute child she is. She is looking so vulnerable that even if u want to touch her, you will be careful. I hope her mother ends up in jail for the rest of her life.

27/1/06 2:34 AM  
Blogger Kusum Rohra said...

Jeez thats really disgusting, even i would get physical if i saw anyone man or woman beating a child or a woman just because he has to vent his frustration or self disgust.

God the poor girl looks so cute, i cant understand how could her mother beat her that bad, she has to be insane!

27/1/06 11:39 AM  
Blogger anks said...

Disgusting is the word..... nothing else!

27/1/06 3:40 PM  
Blogger Rita said...

Yup, I heard this piece of news. It is really sad!

27/1/06 6:50 PM  

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