Monday, January 23, 2006

Hanuman and Animation Boom!

The most hyped movie of recent times.
Hoardings and posters of Hanuman the movie would stare at me from every available space which is not already occupied by James or Apaharan.
I almost though Animation have arrived after a long time.

And so I wanted to experience the next boom, and I went and bought me a Hanuman VCD, along with For a few dollars more and Hotel Rwanda.
So wrongly, Hanuman have been associated with Animation Boom.
I was expecting a better version of the Tom and Jerries or Mickey mouse since they said it was 2D. Now I don’t have much ideas about graphics and though I can make out 3D like Shark tales and Shrek from Mickey and Donalds, I don’t know the difference between 2D and Mickey and Donalds, and so as I write this, I am making an assumption that hanuman is of the same genre as Tom and Jerries and Mickey Donalds. I maybe wrong but as I insert the VCD, I was expecting some graphics that would at east be as good as the cartoons I mentioned if not better.

What I got was a better version of Ek Titaliya and all the Ek Anek of the doordarshan era. What a disappointment it was? Even the movement of characters and specially movement of the mouth looked like it was a bad copy of He-man. And the arrow-fights, copy pasted from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. The gap between the hype and the delivery was very disappointing; it looked like they hadn’t put in enough effort.

More than lack of creativity, it looked like sloppy work of some graphic designers and software designers working against a dateline.

The only saving grace was because the narration was not very bad, and he knew the target audience well. The story was being told to a 8 year old kid. And, religious fools that we Indians are, I even shed a tear when Sita had to give the Agni Pariksha or when hanuman tore open his chest. Though the graphics left much to improve on, the narration was quite sentimental and it tugged at a mythological chord. Maybe because, there already were many domain experts from the Mythology vertical, the story was told quite well.

But, again, the Artwork or graphics looked like the colored version of Ek Titali, Anek Titaliya.. Especially the Demons and the monkeys… They didn’t even drew the pictures. We could have done a much better job..

# Yesterday’s post touched upon how corruption and wealth beyond earning’s means, and since then, today’s paper have also come. And, surprisingly, there is another post on the same lines. It reads, Another cop with a salary of 9000 rupees(about 200$) per month is constructing three residential towers in Mumbai, supposedly one of the costliest cities in the world. It was a very good civic move from Mumbai Mirrror. Hope they keep up the good work, and target everyone who is gnawing away at the fabric of our society….

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Anonymous cool_girl said...

Hi, I came across your blog very recently, and I like the clarity with which you put across your ideas... and you are right about Hanuman animation being rather..umm..tacky. It appeals to the sentiments, I agree, 'cos all kids have grown up on the stories of the lovable devotee of Lord Rama. But the animation..(shakes head)..Nothing compared to Disney, Pixar, or even Japanese anime.

23/1/06 5:08 PM  
Blogger Arz000n said...

I heard a lot about this new animation movie...havent seen it yet...

Hehehe...and yes I remember this "Ek Titaliya and all the Ek Anek" and ofcourse who can forget RAMA;s ramayana....those fighting sequences were funny dude ;)

And like cool_girl is saying cant match PIXAR's animation skillz...those guys RULE!!

It hurts to watch those movies on a 100 bucks pirated DVD...damn its like cheating their efforts :(

23/1/06 8:01 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

@ Cool_girl: Welcome to my blog. i am glad you like them

@ Arz000n: but of course you could choose to pay more and watch the original... But still, we should get some indian editions at a cheaper price that what prevails.

23/1/06 8:32 PM  
Blogger dwaipayan said...

i watched it today with my 10yr old cousin. and yeah, i'm also waiting for the day when our animation will be as good as the micky mouse ones

23/1/06 10:02 PM  
Blogger Soumyadip said...

Yes, Hanuman was a big letdown. I got the idea from the promos itself but nevertheless toutured myself watching it.

24/1/06 9:05 AM  
Anonymous amit said...

Yeah I agree, its bit letdown for the people, but surly its a nice try and things will improve in future.....

25/1/06 10:47 PM  

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