Sunday, January 08, 2006

15 Park Avenue, a story without an end!

Why does every story have to have an end?
Is it conventions?
Or that it has to have an end anyway?

15 Park Avenue didn’t have an end.
Or if it did, rather an abrupt end.
Not a good way to end a perfectly crafted movie.
So I thought, but then I thought again.
How else would it have ended?
And concluded that whatever people might have to say, it couldn’t have ended any other way and yet left the impact it did.

Right from the start, the movie flowed with a pace which seemed slow, yet you wanted to repeat it. I didn’t want to let go of any scenes. And, as such the ending was apt.

Konkona Sen! Way to go girl!
What is with the girl?
In a recent post, I said we have run out of actors.
Well, we don’t need actors when we will have Konkona around.
Unlike the usual Khans or Kapoors, all along the movie, I never saw Konkona. I only saw Mitali. That was what she played and played she did.
She can act with her body, her mouth, her eyes, with everything. A wholesome actor? She looked vulnerable, sweet, cute and everything else and you suddenly want to jump inside the screen to hug her in one moment( pre-Schizophrenic stage), in the next you want to care for her and wish nobody had to go through what she was going through. And her antics were so natural and so funny at times. The way she talks about Saddam Hussein. And the script was as if it was tailor made for her.
Or was it she tailor-crafted herself for the script.
It was so natural, and I asked myself why can’t other movies be like that?
But of course, somebody has to act.

Mr Bose as Jojo.
Another fine actor.
Acted real well, specially the scene when he saw Konkana in the hospital after the rape. We could see in the eyes, the sudden revulsion he had for a rape victim yet with a tinge of pity.( No moral judgement here but it was fine acting). Still Rahul bose looked more like Rahul Bose than Jojo. He too has this signature acting.

Shabna Azmi.
She has always been a great actor.
An old time favorite, right from the time of Ankur (well I saw it after I grew up) and of course Arth. She also delivered, but it was expected and then some more. Specially see her dynamics with everyone, I say everyone. She pales other actor, but for Konkona. Great going Shabnajee. Cheers.

Ah! Shefali,
Ravishing is the word that comes to my mind when I think of her in today’s role. This Bhabi looking, sapne ne milti hein Kudi, has a huge image makeover it seems. She was just too ravishing. I won’t say Hot, but well She was Hot. Left a lasting impact, leaving you wishing for more.

Waheeda Rehman was one sweet old lady.
And experience does counts.
She held her stead, much more than her share.
Look out for the great daughter-mother chemistry with Shabna Azmi.
And her cute grand-motherish English.

I would watch it again.

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Anonymous Ricky2Tony said...

I am so waiting to see ths movie. "Mr and Mrs. Iyer" remains my best movie till date. Aparna Sen is an awesome director. I was so pissed when they send Devdas instead of "Mr and Mrs. Iyer" to Oscars. No wonder India never wins it.

Konkana Sen is the most sexy actress according to me. She has that something special plus she wears a nose ring which makes my heart goes hmmmmmm...

I like endings where the writer leaves it to the reader's interpretation. Indian directors are afraid of doing it and I am glad to see Aparna trying it in her movie. Good review!!

9/1/06 8:33 AM  
Anonymous deepakjeswal said...

Nice review. Hv seen Konkona in Page 3 and Mr and Mrs Iyer, too good in both! Will definitely watch this one!

9/1/06 12:18 PM  
Blogger Khizzy said...

i;d read this 'review' before u commented on my blog.
but i didnt leav a comment cuz i hadnt seen it.
must go rent it now!

9/1/06 2:25 PM  
Blogger dwaipayan said...

it has to be better. the director is aparna sen.

9/1/06 5:18 PM  
Anonymous Gemini Girl said...

wow now I feel like watching this movie :) all the fine actors and an abrupt end. I mean, even I wud have thot abt the end, and then for some movies, even Ive thot that thr wud b no other end like this.. Okay, I better watch this movie first. And then comment abt it :)

10/1/06 10:36 AM  
Blogger Rita said...

Og Gosh! I am waiting to watch the movie. I love aparna Sen's work :)

10/1/06 7:04 PM  
Blogger Aqua said...

mr & mrs iyer is one of my favourite movies and i can't wait to see 15 park avenue also. yr review also is encouraging. i read some pretty bad reviews in ohter blogs.

11/1/06 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well.. guys this movie is great.. Also see AMU.. another fine movie featuring Konkana

26/1/09 9:38 AM  

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