Friday, January 06, 2006

Indian Actors

......wait, bollywood actors.
Current Bollywood actors.
Some actors in the past indeed acted.

Then, they all stopped acting.
So many Movies a year( google the number please), very few to watch.
More than direction, I guess it has more to do with acting and the lack of it.
There are great Indian Directors but then India has produced many intellectuals.
Yes, Movie direction is a matter of intellect.
Much more intellect than art and acting happen to be an art.

We have been a little poor on the Art faculty.
Million dollar paintings began to sell only recently.
Music.... ok we do have some great musicians though none on the lines of Tchaikovsky or Mozart. Ah.. but that's a different story. Lets leave out music for a while.
We invented zero, but kamasutra was the most popular art form that came out of the civilzation.

Why are our Cinemas so pathetic.
Ok I am not a great Movie critic..
In fact, I get so carried away by story that I have noticed very few bad film and I watch a lot of movies. So I have stopped recomending films long since, after I recomended raincoat to a lot of friends because I liked the love story bewteen Ajay and Ash.

Are they great actors? I may have enjoyed the movie, but I do know good acting from bad.
These people just can't act.
They don't even deserve to be called actors.

Imagine for once, we want to make an epic movie out of the Mahabharat or the Ramayana?
On the lines of Troy. Now, who the hell will play Lord Arjun and Who will play Lord Rama.
Shah Rukh Khan as Rama?

I was reading a an article on Bollywood Movies and the future of it and how we can get global viewers. Some suggested that mythological story might have a global appeal. Like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon did to chinese Movies.
Indian Epic stories will do wonders. We have no dearth for heroes and Stories.
We even have great Indian Directors.
Shekhar Kapoor can do the Job.
We might even get an oscar.
But who will play? Who will act?
We can't borrow hollywood actors to play Indians( Aryan/Dravidian).
And I realise, bolywood will take a very very long time to grow into the global markets.
For the time being we might have to do with the billion odd population.
And the NRIs.
If Anil Ambani is betting that Indian movies will go global, he might be in for a big shock.
We will produce great directors, but they will only go on to create movies for holywood.
Because we don't have actors.

Shah Rukh Khan might have been endearing to the Indian Populace with his performace in DDLJ but he will never find International non-NRI takers. He can act as Shah Rukh Khan very well. In fact nobody can act King Khan as well him but let him act Asoka and he almost Murdered him.

On the other hand, look at what it takes to play to the international audience.
Picking a Popular actor, See how Russel Crowe slipped into the skin of a Gladiator so comfortably in a movie and as an austistic John Nash.

My favorite actor will remain Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski and Chuck Noland and Andrew Beckett and of course Forrest Gump.

No wonder great Indian directors like late Satyajit Ray stick to non-mainstream cinema. the mainstream actors were too much to direct.

For now with, with all the Khans ageing and no promising actors in sight I hope the 80's don't come back again. And Anil Ambani read too much into numbers.
Whare are the Actors??

Please don't blame the directors. They can only tell the actors what they expect and how they would like them to act a particular scene. It is upto the actor to deliver. Isn't that why they get paid, and paid they get. A Director's job is imagine and play out the scene in his mine which he tells the actor to act out. If the actor can't act, we can't blame RGV. RGV would do great job, if only he had the actors. James!!! ewwwwww...

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Blogger Soumyadip said...

Few 'actors' exist, but they are offered only itsy-bitsy roles.

Talking of imported actors, it took a Ben Kingsley to play Gandhi.

7/1/06 11:21 AM  
Blogger Khizzy said...

oho...say all u want but ur industry sure keeps us pakistanis entertained!
ghar ki murghi and all that!

but ur right...wat will happen after the khans...and sanjay dutt!lol!

7/1/06 5:15 PM  

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