Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tags and Facts

TCP tagged me.
I saw it in the morning but I had to post the last article and didn't want to think about the tag.
And I had work. Tons of it.
Since I had to write 8-9 fact about myself. I thought I would need time to think.
Thought I will write them after work in the evening.

But the thought kept nagging behind my neck. Facts about me?
So I opened a Notepad. Kept it open.
Anyway, I was typing. To be more precise, documenting an RDD.
So I just wrote down the facts as and when I remembered one.
And what I see, I have already written 9 facts.
If I don't post it now, it might run into hundreds..the facts.

Oh! about the templates.
It's been ready for a long time.
I just copy pasted.

Here are the 9 Facts About Anthony:

Fact #1: I procrastinate but do nonetheless. Its never too late for me.

Fact #2: I chat up with everyone and anyone, and I always make a friend. Problem is I forget their names and so when I meet them again and they say,"Hi Anthony, How are you?" I just Mumble "fine thnx, how you doing" :-) and try to see if he has an ID card in a visible spot.

Fact #3: I know how to use tools and I like to dismember stuffs with that. I can also fix stuff pretty decently. I have assembled two "10 foot" disc antennaes a few months before cable line reached out house. I have assembled PC's. Give me a screw driver and I will unscrew everything lol. I want to own my own House(not an apartment) with a full fledged Workshop with Lathes and Carpentry stuff. Back home we have the whole set though nobody actually uses them.

Fact #4: I was beaten up once by a Mob in a motor accident. Was saved by some carpenters who came out of the furniture store in my rescue who saw that it was the fault of the Rickshaw driver. Not before I had a good number of bruishes though. I thought I'd die when the volley of kicks and punches fall on me. The Poor lady on the rickshaw that I hit was hospitalised. Lucky again she turned out to be an acquantance of Mom, but I was grounded for a month. Been careful eversince, except on the Highway.

Fact #5: I am a spendthrift and am shopaholic (where is the shopaholics anonymous' helpline) but I always pay my credit card bills on time. I hate the 2.99% interest. Like TCP I too am gadget crazy as hell, and bought a 1 lakh+ Laptop. Every month when my salary gets chopped off by the EMI amount, I stare at my 900 grams silver 12" Portege, and I feel" was it EMI well spent?". Saw a commercial for Ford IKON, and I realise I am paying more EMI(albeit for lesser months) for my Portege than the Ikon.

Fact #6: I can cook quite OK, and I like having guests for a meal. I have single handedly cooked 5-6 dishes. When in Pune, the Bai I hired wanted a 100% raise after the second month because of the amount of dishes a single bachelor piled up was no les than a small restaurant. PS: Oh! by the way, the surest way to a Lady's ****** is by the stomach LOL. Replace the asterisks by whatever you want.

Fact #7: I have been involved in Fisticuffs once too often.

Fact #8: Have I mentioned that I am a happy-go-lucky-almost-fool and that I have a stupid grin all the time soliciting smiles from strangers. I chose to be happy most of the time( in fact, all the time) and hey its really possible. I have learnt that being happy is a conscious choice.

Fact #9: I am crazy about Aishwarya Rai whatever be other people's opinions. She is flawless. I wonder why people judge her by her acting, and to be frank I have never noticed her Acting ;-). I am always too busy looking at her. :-D

One more..
Fact #10: I am not as good as others think I am... GEE ;-) { I wish I was Kidding, lol}

Good news, Sidin is back..with a great Post.

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Blogger The Comic Project said...

12" silver portege :-) you make me jealous dude

Like they say on TCP "First comment" :-)

3/1/06 9:56 PM  
Blogger The Comic Project said...

Post the configuration jaldiiiiiii...Full details or atleast the model :-)

3/1/06 10:14 PM  
Blogger www.gypsynan.blogspot.com said...


And check out my first food blog :)

4/1/06 8:55 AM  
Blogger Soumyadip said...

#1 Procrastination - count me in

#2 Me is more reclusive and introverted

#3 That's pure unadulterated me

#4 Thank god I don't drive

#5 The spending bug does bite me, but thankfully only occasionally

#6 I can cook, but not for guests (refer #2 above)

#7 I liked to practice the little Taekwondo that I learnt, but no longer

#8 My face is almost always -expressionless

#9 Ash is good to gaze at.

#10 Same here

4/1/06 9:52 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

Hi TCP: It's R150, but the specs are not that great. It as much for the looks and the protability that it was costly. They could only squeze in 1 Ghz of centrino and 256 ram, but am there is a slot that can fit a 1 GB ram. thinking about that. Great battery life. can watch a full hindi movie on battery. Wifi(802.11b/g) is there. HAd to compromise clock speed for the weight. External (DVD R-WR)combo drive. It weighs only about a Kilo and looks sexy as hell. I call it my Ash. wonly regret is that its doesn't have a firewire (IEEE-1394) and my kid bro bought me a handy cam right after i bought it. So, i have collected lots of DV tapes..

Weighs slightly more at 1.6 kg, there is a model from compaq. Same size 1.7 Ghz, 60 GD disk, internal combo drive( so the extra .6 gm is worth it) and cost 75 K. And Silver. Been eyeing that.. but for the EMI. Will perhaps buy when i have my next onsite lol...

4/1/06 10:59 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

@ Gypsynan.. Hppy new year and have checked out. It was awesome..

4/1/06 11:00 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

@ soum...I make great company with reclusive people LOL... they make good listeners and don't cut in while I talk

4/1/06 11:01 AM  
Blogger visithra said...

Oooh ure like my friend - leave him in a room full of strangers - by the time we're out he would have made friends with half - said hi to all - and remembered by all

ohh u should be fun!!!

Im bad with names too - especially the ones introd at clubs - who the hell makes conversation at a club!

U love ur gadjets don't ya? Im a moody shopper

U like houses than apartments? Me too ;) i need my own verendah

5/1/06 7:47 AM  

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