Friday, December 30, 2005

Meira Paibi Day observed in Manipur

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I wrote about, Nupi lal sometime back, and there I mentioned Meira paibi.
In a step forward, we have started to observe meira paibi day in manipur.

Meira Paibi Day, known as women torch bearers, was observed today across Manipur.The main function was held at Iboyaima Shanglen in Imphal East organised by All Manipur Women's Social Reformation and Development Samaj.

Samaj President Ms Ramani discussed at the function about the role of women in the state who worked hard to protect the rights of the people.Women in Manipur had launched a movement against alcohol and drugs, which was referred as 'Nisha bandh', she said.[more]

I have mentioned Ramani Devi as well. Read about her, here.

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Blogger Soumyadip said...

I always found Manipuri women very empowered. They are at the forefront of every activity. In our predominantly patriarchal country they really stand out. Even in Meghalaya where the majority follow the matrilineal line the women aren't that assertive.

30/12/05 11:40 AM  

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