Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Manipur in news

.........................Not for the wrong reason today.
Manipur always feature in the news for all the wrong reasons.
"Killed" being the keyword.
Google would feature Manipur if "Killed" is keyed in for a search, I presume :-(
Yesterday only there was news of a Top Cop being "Killed" in an Ambush.
Don't want to link it.

But does any reader know that The national Games was hosted by Manipur a couple of years back :-D

And that Manipur with a meagre population of 20 Lakhs scored the Maximum number of Medals ( though there was some controvery). But The Manipur Team Score the most( or More) medals most years in the National Games and if you take into account the number of Manipuri Atheletes in other states.... Am I proud :-D

2 million Manipuris take on a Billion+ Non Manipuris... Geee.
LOL, thought I would start the day with a little self praise when I read in Mid-day that

'If Manipur can, so can Goa!'

Like I said, It felt good to read about Manipur in a good light other than about General Depressions and Army Oppressions and other sad stuff.

Rest of the article reads,

Panaji: It is clear that in Suresh Kalmadi's vision, small states will be given a chance to host the National games.Yesterday, the Indian Olympic Association president assured that Goa would be allocated 50 per cent of the budget required to host the 2011 National Games. This was in response to a felicitation organised by the Sports Authority of Goa here on his election as Chairman of the Commonwealth Games to be held in 2010. [more]

TCP Buddy, will reply to your Tag end of this evening after work.
Got to start working...Have credit card bills to pay. Good day every one.
Everyone who came for the tag, come back in the evening.
It will be interesting.

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Blogger Soumyadip said...

Manipur is the untapped sports powerhouse of India notwithstanding the controversies during the National Games. But it is the gun, which attracts more coverage. The gun rules over Manipur - the military and the militia. That's a sad fact.

3/1/06 11:25 AM  
Blogger Shivangi said...

Happy new year to you too anthony!

3/1/06 3:53 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

@ Soumyadip: Maybe someday all the sporting power could be channelise properly.. Olympics????

@ Shivangi..happy new year again...

4/1/06 11:04 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

www.z000nie.com said...

~It felt good to read about Manipur in a good light other than about General Depressions and Army Oppressions ans stuff.
Yup...that was good to hear Tony..and Manipuri's are good looking people too..just wonder what "kill" exactly is referring too..

Killing by there looks for something else.....hmmmm...

@ Z000nie: Killings are as commonplace as traffic jam in Mumbai. Its as worse if not worse than kashmir

PS: i am copy posting coments from Haloscan since i plan to dismantle it....

4/1/06 11:05 AM  

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