Friday, January 13, 2006

Human trafficking alarms North Eastern states

The beautiful Land of Manipur has seen much bloodshed.
I open any Manipur based news-site and it reeks of the death.
One militant killed, 1 army killed, one civilian dead, govt. official kidnapped.
But the worst years have been the 90's when a civil war of sorts broke out between two tribes of the northeast, The Nagas and The Kukis. The Clash was not much different from that of the wars in the Africas- Somalias and the likes.

It was in my teens and everyday there was news about bloods and massacres. It was chilling, and the Kukis and Naga Friends I had were afraid alike. They didn't know why they hate each other, they hate each other nonetheless. Because they have killed Nagas and they have killed Kukis. And so they became enemies.

One incident I remember was a naga school mate of mine. He was one year senios but he was of a very diminitive feature looked like a kid. Well we were all kids, but he didn't return to school after a vacation. He came back eventually, because his village was not touched it sems. But he had stay at his village because ther were not enough fighting men and he had to take turns guarding the Village. Then, I thought, could I guard my locality if a war broke out. I was a kid, and the idea seem romantic, but that my friend had been in a civil war chilled my blood nonetheless.

The war is long over but the scars remain. Some Kuki's are still afraid to take the land route via nagaland when they go home to Manipur from Guwahati, and they take the flight from Guwahati however poor. Such are scars that will heal in time.

But there remain some deep gashes which will not heal for a long time.
The prolonged fight left many a homeless like all wars do to mankind.
The homeless have rebuild their homes, back home or elsewhere, but how about the orphans.
I remember when the Bangalore Manipuri Students Union rescued a number of Kuki children from the clutch of some people who in the name of running orphanages were trying to smuggle tem or something to that effect. I googled it but I couldn't find a link, but I was in bangalore then and I still remember it. The Kids were returned to some established orphanages.

And when I came across an article today that some NGO's are conducting awareness programs on the issues of Human Trafficking and sexual exploitations in the North eastern states, I felt good. Some people do care.

Read more of Human trafficking, sexual exploitation alarms North Eastern states

DIMAPUR: Trafficking in women and children has become a burning issue in Nagaland, apart from the increasing population of HIV/AIDS-affected people. According to local NGOs, training on law enforcement on trafficking and sexual exploitation is essential to sensitise people about the crime. During the past few years various NGOs have been conducting awareness programmes on the issue in the North Eastern states.[more]

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Blogger Bonatellis said...

quite gruesome, all this! i've never visited Manipur but have heard from dad that interiors of the state is really scenic ... and if done rightly, the state could have promoted tourism as a major revenue earner, i believe ... no possibilities of that now anymore, i guess ...
all hearsay though, u'd know better ....

13/1/06 2:24 PM  
Blogger Kusum Rohra said...

They didn't know why they hate each other, they hate each other nonetheless.

This is so sad.

Will link this post too, but I am wondering is there anything more I can do.

13/1/06 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Ricky2Tony said...

People always focus on Kashmir but North East always had more problem but Kashmir always got more publicity because of Pakistan. It's sad how Indian Govt. has completely ignored that part of the world, no wonder people are disillusioned.

15/1/06 12:32 PM  

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