Sunday, January 29, 2006

Indian Threaten to Globble(sic) up Arcelor.

Arcelor plays anti-globalisation card reports telegraph, here
Arcelor, the steel giant based in Luxembourg and France, is to invoke the spectre of an aggressive globalised business threatening European working practices as it seeks political support to fight off a hostile €18.6bn (£12.8bn) offer tabled on Friday by Mittal Steel, the world's biggest producer.[more]

There is nothing Indian about Mittal steel except the fact that the major shareholder was born in India and the company was helped built by a lot of ex-employees of Indian Steel PSUs. But it feels good that a company like Arcelor gets a hostile bid from Mittal's and the company is in fact afraid. Arcelor is now looking for protection from the govt. Much like how the japanese threatened the europeans. It is a matter of pride. It is great to know that Indians can build Global companies; If only they were given the right environment to build the same out of Kolkata or Mumbai... huh!

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Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

I just found out even Wipro, Infosys have foreign investors as majority stakeholders. Not sure where.

I really want to see a homegrown Indian business, with majority Indian stakeholders, doing that.

CNOOC is buying oil fields around the world out-bidding others. Last year, its bid for Unocal in the US turned quite some heads.

We have a long way to go.

About Dharavi: So, where do they go when "it" is being built for a year or two? Do do they have court orders, or has it been challenged in courts?

29/1/06 6:54 PM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

PS - You look really nice in the photo. Please do consider putting that in place of Tintin.

29/1/06 6:56 PM  
Anonymous anthony said...

About Dharavi, It wasn't mentioned but it has to be part of the project. You just can't Tell them to get off while the construction work happens..

True about Infy, but Azim has the majority in Wipro. Infy is more of a proffessional run company.. Shareholders are just, shareholders.

Ah! China is much different. Our PSUs and their PSUs are run as opposite Dipole. Not only CNOOC, but the kind of govt backing that companies like lenovo and Haier had were things that left much questions unanswered, but they were good for the company, and the country.

there were reports that the blueprints which were submitted by Foreign Companies in China for approval before setting manufacturing in China by Chinese or their own EMS were copied ditto to create those world class products that haier and the likes churned out.

What our PSUs get is of a very different kind huh... Not that we should copy them, but..

29/1/06 10:08 PM  
Anonymous anthony said...

And look at the galls, Chinese Govt backed company bidding for UNOCAL

About the Tintin, i am a wannabe reporter lol... Man, I wanted to be a reporter...

29/1/06 10:10 PM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Oh well, Lenovo and Haier is not exactly the rocket science in their worlds. Inspite of what most of India would like to think, China's knowledge of electronics is way better than India's. There's a big knowledge gap to be overcome.
The blueprints were obviously just plans and not trade secrets that no company would divulge no matter what. Having a blueprint makes your job easier, but you can do that nonetheless.
You can to go China and get a 100 places to get customised hardware (electronic) in two days! Jeez I don't even know who in India does that! Not to mention you pay peanuts!
But India is very very good at manufacturing and I don't know why they don't push that enough.

I think you are better off not being a reporter. It is half as glamorous as you think and definitely no money :D You also write what your advertisers tell you to, which mostly happens to be Congress/BJP/local parties (they advertise the most).... Naah! Blog! :D

30/1/06 5:27 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

having the blueprints is what made them move faster. Even though, it wasn't rocket science, and I agree that they are far ahead in electronics, Any foreign company who wants to outsource manufacturing in China had to divulge all the technical blueprints. For a long time, and even today Nokia and other companies don't do their very high end stuff in China.

30/1/06 5:30 PM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Intel is going China.

Nokia is the cellphone industry. Design cycles are really short and they need customized manufacturing plants, which they do have right now. There are less cost benefits in high end stuff which have their advantages of being close to the design center thus ensuring lower lead times and a more stringent control on quality and form. But, Nokia has/is in the process of setting up assembly plants in China and India. They will be lower end phones, but...

If you notice, even automobile manufacturing plants manufacture well established brands in China (Mercedes does not manufacture AMG series in China or India).

China's policy on intellectual property rights has been another big reason.

I currently work on cell phones :)

30/1/06 5:56 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

SInce you work on Cellphones, I won't add on the cell phones lol. I wasn't referring to high end phones but most of design concerning the trade secrets even for low end stuff are still done outside China. You see, they still copy lol. But then copying is also an art. IPR yes!

there was this whistle blower from haier. Remember. I read about this things during that fracas.. Time or fortune did a detailed story
Even out people does graet engineering copy at coimbatore.. Pumps and all ;-)

31/1/06 10:06 AM  

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