Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fined Indeed!!

Cadbury fined Rs 2500 for repacking a year-old chocolate;
A fine of Rs 2500 for a £ 6.5 Billion company.
Corporates must love India, such gross disrespect for the consumer.

Now what is a FINE?
Why was cadbury fined in the first place?
Apparently it was proven that cadbury was cheating its consumers, otherwsie it wouldn't have been fined at all. But a fine of Rs 2500.

Magga was awarded compensation of Rs 2500 on account of the mental agony and towards litigation cost.

Magga has to be the victim, and yeah, we have learnt to borrow Phrases from the WEST, like "Mental Agony". For such mental agony, an American sonsumer would have been awarded a multi million settlement. And I didn't know litigation cost was so cheap. [ Now I can sue all mobile companies for billing me wrong, and reliance for charging me 1600 rupee a month for thier lousy dial-up 0.5 KBPS connection. Now, I am paying 600 a month for a 256 KBPS broadband connection. Well, they survive on suckers like me. ]

And aren't fines suppose to act as a deterrent? So that the accused commit no such acts in the future. Would a fine of Rs 2500 really have mattered to cadbury. Now what if the victim had died after consuming the chocolate? Oh! I forgot about Union Carbide.

India should in principal be a far better FDI destination than China or elsewhere. Oh! How they must be waiting to enter our market. I too love free markets, but we need to do something about our law makers. Law keepers and Peacemakers are doing just fine. Too Fine to be precise.

Maybe that's why we do see all this encounter killings, and Daya Nayaks.

Oh! on another news, I don't know if Hari will get a One crore settlement..

An 11-year-old boy has sent a legal notice to a job website claiming damages of Rs 1 crore for using part of his name 'Hari' allegedly in a derogatory manner.

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Blogger Navjot Kashyap said...

Nice bit of info...
I dream of becoming a millionare by sueing the electricity department for these erractic power cuts .. but, that will remain only a dream..In the hot summers of Delhi - when there would be no electricity ...people can just utter a curses and sweat the whole time ..
Same goes with all other things ...

19/3/06 9:45 PM  
Blogger Bonatellis said...

anthony, my friend, you are famous now ... your blog is in Mumbai Mirror today :)

20/3/06 8:28 AM  

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