Monday, March 20, 2006

Sexual abuse of minors and Schools

TOI reports:
The headmaster of an Orissa residential school has been arrested for sexually exploiting minor girl students. [Link]
What is it about school teachers, headmasters, hostel wardens that we often hear news about one of them sexually abusing a child? I am not talking about the likes of Duncan Grant and Allen Walters, who purposefully set up an establishment for the said purpose, but of the numerous cases of Sexual abuse in educational establishments and children homes.

I am not generalising here, and I don't have facts and figures to support my statement, except the fact that sexual+abuse+school threw up 20100 google result from India whereas, only sexual+Abuse threw up 54800. That is a good percentage( rather BAD) even if we filter out Junk Data or results. But we do hear a lot of cases of abuse my School Employees.

Other than some demographic profiles like salary, education etc, the mental make-up of a school teacher and warden( usually a teacher is the warden) cannot be very different from the general populace. This is a worrying fact.
Does this mean that, there will be more number of cases if more people had access to a group of helpless Kids away from home, IN YOUR SAFE CUSTODY????

Because other than the fact that these people are close to the victims, and are trusted by the victims, they are no different from any normal person. Does is mean that there are many people out there with a Latent desire. If that be the case, then the lawmakers must make sure that whenever caught, the accused must be given Punishments which will should be a very strong deterrent. The fear of the punishment so dreadful that the latent desire remains latent for all future accusers.

Something more dreadful than Death!

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Blogger Rita said...

You said it! "these people are close to the victims, and are trusted by the victims" - this is the problem. It is said that in most cases of sexual abuse, the victim knows the culprit. I guess, this trust is what the culprit takes advantage of!!!
Sad, what have people come to?

21/3/06 10:33 PM  

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