Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Officials to examine video clips of Wardrobe Malfunction

TOI reports,
Outraged officials will examine video clips to see whether a halter slipping off a top model or another's skirt zip splitting at a fashion show were "deliberate" acts, a state minister said.

Last week, model Carol Gracias's skimpy halter slipped down to her waist showing her breasts to snapping photographers and rolling TV cameras during a fashion show in Mumbai.

This was followed by another sensational "wardrobe malfunction" when former Miss India Gauhar Khan's skirt zip split, revealing her bottom to the media and Mumbai's smart set. { Link }

Outraged officials will examine video clips of Carol Gracias' Boobs and Gauhar Khan's Bums? I just hope they are not distracted and can concentrate on the malfunctioned wardrobe.

Not to mention how our lovely models are adorned in those horrible ensemble in the name of fashion. They will need a lot more than malfunctions to sell the wardrobe.

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