Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google's new Search Interface

Google is working on a facelift it seems. Not for the home page but the search interface.
With a little java script, you can actually take a peek into what the geeks at google are upto.

Here is a link to how to take a peek at the new google search interface and a review by Ars technica. [via slashdot ]

There are a few steps that you have to follow carefully. It has been explained properly but the two guys at my office who I sent the link to yesterday couldn’t actually do it at first go.

So here goes again.

The script from that link is this:


You have to first type google into your explorer and when you get the google page,

You have paste that code onto the address bar, not the search bar.

Before you do that, copy that script and paste it into a notepad or word ( do paste special in word- without the formats)and take care that there are no line breaks. [ do a backspace]
It should be in a single line.

And change that to whatever domain you are in. or what whatever shows up when you type google.

Then paste.
Press enter or go.
Ignore any pop-ups.

Start searching.
You will see no change now except that the java script is still in the address bar.Just type anything you want to search into the search box and you will get this view. [ Link ]

Look at how the side bar on the right, with more google goodies.

Expect adwords below it. More of it.

The article that I linked to above, does a good review of the New search Interface that google might come out with. They talk about world dominance and stuff because the new layout seem to enticing more google searcher to use the other google goodies. And and of course the extra real estate they have managed to create in the search interface. And for left to right readers, the placement at the left seems like a wise choice, thinks the reviewer. Nice thoughts!

PS: Thanks to TCP for pointing out the mistake...

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