Monday, March 27, 2006

Laptop Upgraded

Just added an extra 512 DDR ram to my Lappy and My! Is it running fast?
Wanted to add a 1GB but I thought it wouldn't be of much use now, and anyway when Vista do get released I might want to change the laptop altogether.( Oh! I am never gonna add free OS on my machine).

Been Kinda busy, and thank god for my drafts, I am still updating my Bachelor cooking blog.

Wanted to write about this anti-abortion thing going on here

Anti-abortionists inspired by the militancy of the movement in America are adopting tactics associated with animal rights extremists in an escalating campaign of intimidation.

The latest victims of harassment by a group called UK Life League are the pupils and teachers at a Catholic girls school in Surrey. The head teacher of Woldingham School, Diana Vernon, has been accused of "child abuse" for providing sex education for her 14- and 15-year-old pupils as required under the national curriculum. Activists are being encouraged to bombard Ms Vernon with hate emails. [ link ]

I will write my views and stand on the same tomorrow.
I am kinda sick today, skipped lunch and all.
Even that musambi juice I had was bitter as poison... not that I have tasted poison...
Dinner too was bad... Gnite

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