Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Million dollar Ugly Websites

Plenty of Fish is already famous. It is amongst the top 10 dating sites in the world, but what made the The Internet sit up and talk is when It became canada's Top Adsense earner. $ 10000 a day, almost a Million a Quarter. And the Website is very very ugly. And it suddenly made people look around and just found that many successful websites are ugly. Ugly Websites don't necessarily make a lot of money but here are some surprising truths about ugly websites. [ via slashdot ]
Think about Craigslist and google.

Even Scoble is talking about it, not to mention that he evangelise about .Net and Microsoft, obviously. Plenty of Fish was written in .Net.

Well, what Plenty of Fish did was that it concentrated more on usability than design.
How easy it was for an user to navigate and use the site, because many internet users are not net or tool savvy. Don't scare them with complex site.
More than ugliness, it was more to do with the simplicity of the site that attracted the visitors.
I suddenly want to create an Indian version of Plenty of Fish. Even 10000 rupee a day from Sulekha would be very good money, eh!

On a lighter note, I am sure some percent of the adsense revenue must come from people who clicked the adsense because the site uglier than the already ugly adsense ads.

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