Thursday, March 23, 2006

ETA plans Ceasefire

A parmanent ceasefire.
Such a move would be the first step towards peace for Eta. The organisation's actions have killed more than 800 people since 1968 in its fight to create an independent state in northern Spain and south-western France. [ Link ]

A very wise and constructive move I would like to add.

Even a Sinn Féin leader called today's announcement "an opportunity of historic proportions" reports the same article.

I would stop here before I start my sermon.
But it is an example that can be followed.
"Constructive" is the keyword.
I hope everybody will see that...

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Anonymous Pablo Ares said...

Glad to see you follow news from Spain.


24/3/06 1:14 PM  
Anonymous tony said...

I have been following most revolutionary groups for ages now.

24/3/06 4:36 PM  

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