Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blogging one's self esteem

Personal bloggers have found writing their posts to be powerful therapy. Putting their thoughts and ideas to keyboard, and then presenting them to the world is a courageous act. For many people, the personal blog might be their first entry into the internet community. That first step can be very frightening for many people. Once that initial hurdle is cleared, however, the blogger can continue posting with confidence. [ Link ]

This article talks about how Blogging builds one's self esteem, which could be quite true. I have often encouraged people to start blogging, but the usual reply I get is , " What will I write", or like someone said how could I open up myself to people I don't know. But when I do start to write and a few people start reading them and leave a warm comment behind, it sure does a lot of good for his/her self esteem. " People are accepting me for what I feel and write" and I have made people who would fall on the boundaries of introversion, but you wouldn't have realised it when you read his/her blog. And the same introverted guy now have a common ground to start a talk. A common ground or the lack of one is what keeps an usually introverted guy to join in talk. Oh! I love blogging, and yeah for the Hyper- extroverted people like yours truely, we just assume anybody and everybody who writes a blog is a FRIEND. From a common House or Society eh!! Read this article, the one above.

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