Saturday, April 01, 2006

Teen blogger faces child pornography charge ....

..for posting photos of his friends having sex on his blog. [via Digg ]

Teenage Ryan Zylstra had posted pictures of his friends having sex during a party on his blog. Apparently both the friends were barely legal during the time of the act, the publishing of which, according to the legal definition of Child Porn. Now this publishing or spreading of private pictures or MMS or videos is quite deplorable.

That recent hindi movie on porn racket and secret filming of Honeymooners, Kalyug. It was a very sloppily made movie, lousy I would say if somebody asked how it was though it had a nice song. But the movie did gave out a very strong message. When that lady heroine (whose secretly filmed honeymoon video was posted on some sleaze porn site) jumped to her death, I imagined the plight of all such victims. Even the DPS girl, or any of the thousands of MMS clips floating around, what they must have felt when their video were being freely shared.

Well, it is the hidden voyeur streak that MANY, I said MANY people carry. I haven't met a person whose curiosity or intrigue wasn't stirred when such topic comes up.
No one thinks about the victim... *Shit*

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Anonymous deepakjeswal said...

Honestly, those grainy, hazy, idiotically-angled clips can hardly be called 'tittilating' even, its only a base voyeuristic pleasure in clicking/passing these MMS's and pics.

True, the victim is rarely thought of!

BTW, I quite liked Kalyug. It kept you hooked during its run-time and had a topical premise!

Me first :-)

2/4/06 12:34 AM  

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