Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who is buying who?

I have used Proclarity for BI, and when microsoft took it over sometime about 10 days ago, It was good news. (I was using MS Analysis services with the Proclarity.)

Then, eBay's Skype announced Tuesday plans to acquire start-up Sonorit Holding and its US subsidiary Camino Networks, which specializes in speech processing, coding, and transmission over the Internet. The technology is expected to be integrated into Skype's voice over IP calling services. [ Link]

I hope they don't change the volice modulation they currently have... makes female voices real husky... as i once wrote Huskype...

And most people in the IT have used Jboss, well Redhat is acquiring it...

Linux vendor Red Hat announced Monday it has entered into an agreement to acquire JBoss, maker of middleware, or software that connects disparate systems and applications to facilitate faster and cheaper development. Red Hat will pay $350 million in cash and stock for the company, with another $70 million payout based on performance. [Link ]

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Blogger Nirav said...

Never noticed the husky voice bit :)

13/4/06 12:59 PM  

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