Sunday, April 09, 2006

Stone Age Dentists

Teeth from a Neolithic graveyard in Mehgarh in the country's Baluchistan province show clear signs of drilling.
Analysis of the teeth shows prehistoric dentists had a go at curing toothache with drills made from flint heads.

This news about how Dentists in Stone age Pakistan might have used drills is all over the internet and the newspaper. It wasn't much of a surprise, didn't we perform surgery 1000's of years before...

What was scary was, I just had a very stubborn tooth removed the day before this news...
Even with all the latest equipments, and an overdose of anaesthesia, it hurt like HELL. I couldn't scream louder either... the doctor was a very sweet lady... and I didn't want to scream.... It was like Oh! My God.. Well the wisdom tooth was embedded a little too deep to give her very little maneuvering space, so she literally had to wrestle with my other teeth and of course the gum and the corner of my lips... Oh! not to mention that the gum was properly cut out to give her some PLIER space... Fortunately, the pain during the maneuvering excercise was tooo unbearable, I didn't feel any pain when the tooth actually came out. My tooth, or where my tooth was, hurt like hell only the day after. And my goodness, I don't know how hard they stretched my lips...the corner is horribly painful.

But the ice creams were good. Been living on icecreams..

I pity those stone age men, who had to undergo similar drill (not a pun) if any.

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