Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stock market frenzy...

Oh yes! The market's been going crazy.

PS: I am writing this post only because I had tagged my blog with stock market and some related blahs because I used to trade and even invest some time back when the market was not that crazy.

Oh yes! I exited long time back.. when the market started to cross 7000.
I really didn't had the guts, and I had made good money by then.

The same stock that I had exited with unimaginable returns even then, have now grown 2-3 times my exit price. Ashapura Minechem, SRF, Patel Engineering, Reliance capitals were some of my favorite stocks.
Which means I would have been much richer, had I not exited.
But I don't regret at all, and nobody gets rich by predicting the market.

and to those who are still in the market aren't ready to exit, I seriously recommend buying Index Put options [nifty put]. You won't regret it.

Oh! I suggested the same to a colleague, and even though he didn't know much about options, he felt he rather buy call when he understood the basic premise , and made cool money on call. So much for my advice. He called me up on the expiry date to ask what to do. LOL.

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