Monday, May 22, 2006

Calling Bloggers to donate Adsense earnings !

[This is a cross posting, so you might find terms like food blogging here.
the original posting is here. ]

Well, I have written about how adsense was not a great source of income, and specially food bloggers who gets virtually the same adwords which are at the bottom rung of the list of high paying, opps! low paying keywords. While there are adwords that generate more than 50 dollars a click, the average earnings on my blog have been 4-5 cents a click. I got 20 cents once, and never again.

Well, I would have loved to retire on money from my blog, but since that is not the case now, and the adsense earning would have at best bought be a good dinner one year from now.
Well, I can afford many good dinners from my day job, Gods have been kind. And I use Blogger, so I don't have to pay for server and hosting..

My point is that 2-3 dollars a week may be very insignificant for me, and I blog for passion. But then, since I have good page views and have been getting an average of 2-3 clicks on the ads everyday, why let go of the earning potential, however small.
The small change that I will earn from my blog, will be significant, if I were to donate it to some charity foundation. Wait, that is not all....

Here is the IDEA.What if we all were to contribute and then donate the proceed."We all" as in all bloggers who earn insignificant amounts for themselves from adsense.Those adsense amounts will add upto a significant amount, for someone in need.

This is not fully my idea, and I borrowed this idea from
poweryogi, after reading that he ws donating his adsense proceedings to some charity organizations. His post gave me the idea of how we can use the small change to make a difference.
I use the same adsense account to advertise on multiple blogs, so the idea is to use the same adsense account in all our blogs so that the adsense earnings grows fast and gets pooled into a common kitty. I am sure it is allowed by google, and even if they don't, we sure can ask them, since it is for charity purpose..

Are you with me?

The idea came only a few minutes back and will need lots of refinement.

I will try to create a small banner shortly.

I would require help from someone who knows how to make that "make poverty history" kind of banner too.

If you are with me, send me an email to join in the campaign.
Since the idea was born out of Power Yogi, I guess he will let us use the Term "sensible adsense" for the campaign. Sensible adsense is the word he used for the donation of his adsense earnings.

If you like idea but are too lazy to join it, do spread the word.
Let us make a small difference
If you wish to drop out of the campaign afterwards, when you see that traffics to your blog have risen to a power blogger level, you may choose to remove the adsense code from your blog..

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