Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fanaa not in Multiplexes

Aamir-Kajol Starrer, Fanaa won't be screened in Multiplexes, at least for now.
So all the multiplex junkies, who haven't set foot in a single screen cinema hall will have to chance to revisit the past, ie if you are crazy about Aamir and have missed Kajol for a long time..

Yash Chopra, it seems wanted a larger pie from the Multiplex profits, b ut Multiplexes won't budge. They don't want to set a precedence you see.... But they will yield.... Yash Chopra has a lot of clout....

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Blogger Aqua said...

oh no! all the single cinema halls are so boring..and now after getting used to the cleanliness and comfort of multiplexes, i can't believe i'll have to go all the way to mg road to watch fannaa.
yes...aamir is one of my fav heroes and will be wonderful to watch kajol on screen again. she is so wonderfully unaffected unlike the other bollywood heroines

24/5/06 4:48 PM  

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