Sunday, May 28, 2006

Video of Biodegradable Plastic Bottle Decomposing

A company in Colorado has come up with a water bottle for their spring water that totally biodegrades in about 80 days. It's a type of plastic made from corn.

You can watch the time-elapsed video on their site.

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Anonymous Manisha said...

Hey Tony! Colorado is a state that is hugely environment-oriented. Esp Boulder County where we live. It's eat organic, drink organic, build your own compost, xeriscaping instead of landscaping to preserve water, organic fertilizers for the lawn, and so on. One of the garbage collection companies has started a pilot project in North Boulder where they give you plastic bags made of corn to collect all your kitchen waste. This is then to be put out on the curb in a separate garbage bin. They don't take this to the regular landfills. They have special composting areas for this. A lot of it will come right back to us in the form of fertilizer.

A friend of mine is part of this pilot project. She says that the bag has some special property such that no odor emanates from the kitchen waste. To put it into perspective, this is collected only once a week and temperatures are currently in 80F and above.

All the plates and cutlery at the local farmer's market are also made from a similar material. It's disposable but environmental friendly as it is bio-degradable.

This could really help Bombay and its gutters, eh? ;-) However there is a fallout to this that needs to be considered. Corn is being used to generate ethanol (used in gasoline) and plastic - what will happen to the water table?

29/5/06 1:17 AM  
Blogger starry nights said...

I think this would help free the landfills and help our environment.

29/5/06 8:23 AM  
Anonymous tony said...

Oh, the same bottle mentioned is also made from corn. I can't seem to connect corn being used to generate ethanol and plastic, and water table??

@Starry nights: It sure should help. AT least I want to be rid of the plastic bags

29/5/06 12:18 PM  

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